Divorce In The Philippines?

The Philippines is one of the last places to still disallow divorce in the Philippines.

However under certain circumstances it can be allowed.

For more details please contact apovisions@gmail.com

Davao Culinery Courses

Recently I was very lucky to attend the graduation meal for the Center for Asian Culinary Studies here in Davao City.

The chefs produced some fantastic food and had worked hard over several months to achieve their results.

But we must not forget the waiting staff who were very confused when the Western guests needed knives and the loud "boom boom" music turned down a little.

Somewhere new to dine in Davao

Now there is somewhere new to dine in Davao City in Rizal Street. Try the Cellar which is under the revamped Claudes Restaurant.

High quality food and presentation that is some what spoilt by poor staff training, but never the less it really is worth a visit.

Davao Dog Day

Article from Paul Fuller

Having lived in Davao City for several years I have had numerous personal experiences.  Many have been hilariously funny according to my sense of humour while some were abjectly sad. But the majority were just happenings of everyday life but most contained elements from which a story could be woven.

A while ago I wrote a few words about an accident that occurred near our house that is located adjacent to the national highway. Maybe it will be of interest to some readers. 
I titled it “Me and my Dog”

Yesterday, I was just standing by our front gate minding my own business and dreaming about the meaning of life and why we are here when the old guy that lives with us opened the gate, told me to bugger off, and pushed his bicycle out and rode off down towards the main road.

I have never taken serious offense at what he says to me or the bad words he uses because deep down he is good hearted and usually very nice to me and his gruff language is just his way. 

Being a bit bored and with nothing better to do I wandered along after him to see where he was going.  I did hear him say to the lady that lives with us, Hey love I’m going over to see Roy and I won’t be too long” I had no idea who Roy was but having a keen nose for a bit of a mystery I decided to find out.

I reached the main road just in time to see him and his bike disappearing into a car mechanics yard further down and across the road.  I thought I should walk across the road and see where he was and what he was doing.  He never seemed to mind when I watch him building or repairing things around our property so I figured it would be OK this time.

I started off to cross the road and almost was at the middle dividing line when a huge truck blasted an air horn at me.  I quickly stepped back intending to get back to my side of the road and go home when I saw a motor cycle directly in front of me.  That was followed by a line of taxis, jeepneys and more big trucks.  The motor cycle swerved one way and I jumped the other way but the rider and his passenger and me ended up  rolling and bouncing along the road.  I banged my head on the road a couple of times in between seeing the sky, stars and the pavement.  I felt a lot of pain as the pavement badly scrapped one of my legs and hip on the rough surface.  I could taste blood near my mouth. 

I was in considerable pain and knew I had bruised several other parts of my body.  I dragged myself up and scrambled to the road side to escape the inconsiderate drivers who were soundings their horns and shouting bad words at me.  In great pain I finally made it to the roadside and to what I thought was safety only to fall into a massive storm water drain containing stagnant water, plastic bags and other rubbish..  The two guys on the motor bike picked up their slightly damaged bike and limped painfully off towards a safer place.  

I remember that I did make noises of distress hoping that it would attract help but no one came to my assistance.  After a few minutes resting I tried to climb out of the drain on my own but the pain and bruising was too much and I became very dizzy and must have passed out.

When I came to it was quite dark and my body was extremely sore and stiff.  Every movement I made brought on waves of pain but I figured that if I could still feel pain then I was still alive so I decided to stay where I was until help arrived. 

After a very long time  I gave up waiting for someone to help me so I struggled to a place where I could climb onto the rubbish in the drain which gave me enough height to pull myself over the edge of the drain.  There was no traffic around so I had the impression that it was very early in the morning and in fact the sky was becoming light from the east.

As I passed a couple of houses near my place the dogs inside set up a terrible racket by barking and throwing themselves at the gates so that was damned scary.  Of course it woke all of the other dogs in the neighbouring houses so they began howling and barking too.  I slowly walked up to my gate and gingerly sat down to ease the pain from my hips and back.  I made some noise hoping that the folk inside would hear me.

Fortunately the guy that I followed earlier in the day heard me and came down and unlocked the gate.
He said where the hell have you been, its bloody 4 am?   Under the light of the security lamp he looked at me and noticed I was staggering and in pain.  He said come over here mate and let me have a good look at you.  I limped into the brighter light and he examined my head and legs and saw the cuts and missing skin near my hip.  

Oh you silly old bugger you have certainly been in the wars!  I was told you had been in an accident involving a truck and motor bike and I thought you were dead!  I went to look for you.

You don’t look so bad so I suggest a feed and a good night’s sleep will see you right.  He gave me a very tasty leftover patty made from ground beef with a Paracetamol tablet hidden inside and which certainly helped to relieve the pain.  He  also made me a warm milk drink with a hefty slug of Tanquay in it and gave me three Oreo biscuits which I really love and then he went back to bed.  As a result of the rum, and Paracetamol mix I soon fell into a deep sleep and when I woke about midday I saw he had put a large umbrella into the ground to keep the direct sun off me.  I thought that was a nice touch.

Since then I have given a lot of thought about my actions and decided that the next time I decide to follow him I will only go as far as the road and never set a foot any further ….it’s just too bloody dangerous for a dog like me without the right experience to be on the road!

When I first posted it to a site I contribute to I received numerous emails offering condolences, offers of help, offers to drive me around until I recovered etc.  It took quite a while before the penny dropped that it was just a story about my dog and not about me.  Some well meaning Filipina wives contacted my wife who was in the town to tell her about my terrible accident and I almost had my own personal physical damage to contend with when she rushed home to discover I was sitting in our baikubo eating an apple and reading a book with my feet up in on the table.  I got lots of sympathy until she discovered it was just a story……..then it turned a bit nasty when the truth was revealed.   But that's a story for another time!

Tourist Visa Change

Tourists from 166 countries can now avail of the expanded 30-day free visa upon arrival and six months for retirees as part of the government efforts to prove "It is more fun in the Philippines".
Tourism Secretary Ramon R. Jimenez said this in a speech before the General Membership Meeting of the Makati Business Club that the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Bureau of Immigration have issued circular to extend the free visa upon arrival to 166 countries to 30 days from 21 days and for retirees to enjoy 6 month free visa upon arrival.

"This is to show that the Philippines is more fun no matter what age you are," Jimenez said.
Jimenez said as he stressed that the "national government spearheads the review of policy bottlenecks that run counter to tourism promotion efforts."

911 Davao

DAVAO City Mayor Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio announced Monday the creation of a transition team, which will temporarily man the operations of the city's Central Communications and Emergency Response Center (Central 911).

This after Mario Verner Monsanto was ordered relieved from his post as chief of Central 911 chief effective March 12.

Guns Down In Davao

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio submitted a resolution Tuesday requesting the Philippine National Police (PNP) to declare a gun ban in Davao City for the whole March.
The Davao City Peace and Order Council (DCPOC) approved the resolution in line with the month-long 75th Araw ng Dabaw celebration.

“It will be for the whole month of March instead of four days, which was the original plan,” the mayor said.
Araw ng Dabaw is one of the biggest events in the city, aside from Kadayawan Festival. It is expected to draw thousands of visitors from provinces and other countries.

Davao A Wonder

The city government of Davao is intensifying its campaign to be enlisted in the  nomination round for the New7WonderCities.

It hopes  to qualify for Phase two by gaining the most number of internet votes in the Philippines. By March 7, the campaign will bring down the list to 300 cities, that includes one city per country plus the 77 cities voted in Phase 1.

Jail Break From Kidapawan

Dozens of black-clad gunmen armed with grenades and bombs stormed a southern Philippine jail trying to free a detained comrade, but they were repulsed by police in a chaotic night battle that killed three people, officials said Monday.

Fifteen people were wounded, most of them civilians caught in the firefight late Sunday outside Kidapawan's city hall compound and along a key commercial road. Military and police officials blamed former members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, but a spokesman for the Muslim rebel group denied the claim.

Tourism Hit In Mindanao

THE travel advisories against Mindanao have been hurting tourism in Davao City, where foreigners accounted for only 10 percent of all visitors last year, an official said Friday.

“Some countries are very obedient to travel advisories,” Davao City Tourism Office head Jason Magnaye told the Manila Standard on the sidelines of the National Tourism Statistics Conference 2012 in Manila.

Davao City has what it takes to become a premier tourist destination, but the negative travel advisories against some areas as a result of violence or the presence of insurgents or bandits have been hurting Davao, Magnaye says.
Some 730,000 people visited Davao City last year, but “90 percent of them were local tourists and the rest were foreigners,” he said.

Troops Looking For Kidnap Victims

Around 5 000 troops were sent to search for two European birdwatchers abducted in the southern Philippines, a provincial official said on Saturday.

Elwold Horn, 52, from Holland and Lorenzo Vinciguerra, 47, of Switzerland were kidnapped on February 1 while on a small boat off the island town of Panglima Sugala in Tawi-Tawi province, 1 050 kilometres south of Manila.

Child Kidnapping

The police on Thursday filed charges of kidnapping with serious illegal detention against a couple for allegedly snatching last Tuesday night a three-year-old boy in Magsaysay town in Davao del Sur, a police official said.

Chief Inspector Roberto Carao, chief of the Magsaysay police, identified the suspects as Percida Abrea, 39, of Barangay Lower Bala, Magsaysay; and Abdurahim Utto Akas, 31, an Arabic teacher from Cotabato City.

Carao said complaints of violation of the Article 267 of the Revised Penal Code were filed against the suspects at the Davao Provincial Prosecution Office in Digos City.

The suspects were placed under inquest proceedings and have remained in the custody of the Magsaysay Police.

Carao said his men apprehended the couple inside Room Number 9 of the Bansalan Lodge in Bansalan town, also in Davao del Sur, after authorities received tips from their informants the suspects were staying in the area with the victim.

Do Not Extort Foreign Husbands

THE newly designated chief of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) in Davao City warned Filipinas against extorting from their foreigner husbands.
"Do not use our office as a vehicle to harass foreigners," said Florentino G. Diputado, new BI Davao acting alien control officer.

Diputado, who is acting alien control officer of BI Cagayan de Oro before he assumed the Davao post on February 6, said there were many instances when Filipinas file complaints before their office claiming to be battered wives.

He said not all complaints are held true based on BI investigation.
"Case-to-case basis kasi kami," he said, adding they would immediately call the attention of the foreigners involved and give his right to defend themselves.
He said they would later find out that most complaints were extortion related.
Wikipedia.com defines extortion as not only the unlawful demanding and obtaining of something through force, but additionally, in its formal definition, the infliction of something such as pain and suffering or making somebody endure something unpleasant.

Bird Watchers Kidnapped

  •  Police said Friday that local thugs, not al-Qaida-linked Abu Sayyaf militants, were likely to have abducted two European tourists this week in the southern Philippines.
    Police Director Felicisimo Khu said the kidnappers had not contacted authorities or made any ransom demand.

    Ewold Horn of the Netherlands, Lorenzo Vinciguerra of Switzerland and their Filipino guide, Ivan Sarenas, were abducted Wednesday during a bird-watching trip to Tawi-Tawi, the Philippines’ southernmost province. They were the latest kidnap victims in an impoverished region infested with al-Qaida-linked militants and criminal gangs that often seek ransom for their foreign hostages.
    Sarenas escaped hours later by jumping off their captors’ boat after he saw some fishermen, who rescued him.
The Department of Tourism on Friday seemingly laid the blame for the kidnapping of two Europeans in Tawi-Tawi squarely on the victims' shoulders.
In a press statement issued late Friday, the DOT stressed that "the issuance of travel advisories is part of the regular functions of embassies in line with ensuring the safety and security of their citizens in a foreign country. For the Philippines, advice against travel to some parts of Mindanao has been constant and common." The DOT then added: "The Tawi-Tawi incident is considered unfortunate and could have been avoided had the visitors taken necessary precautions many European tourists usually take in heed of these advisories."

Bukidnon Grenade

The Philippine military says an accidental grenade blast killed a communist rebel and wounded 11 civilians, including seven children.
Col. Leopoldo Galon said rebels were conducting lectures in a village in southern Bukidnon province’s Kibawe township when a guerrilla accidentally dropped a grenade.

Flooding in Southern Mindanao

Hundreds of people were evacuated in two Southern Mindanao provinces as floods struck several towns following heavy rains, authorities said.

Several towns in Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley were under water, forcing villagers to flee their homes.
Maj. Jacob Obligado, civil military officer of the 10th Infantry Division, said as of 7 a.m. on Saturday villages in the municipalities of Laak, Asuncion, New Corella and Kapalong, all in Davao Del Norte, were under water.

American Murdered in Davao City

REPRESENTATIVES from the US Embassy in Manila arrived in Davao City to gather information on the death of an American national who was killed inside his house at a posh subdivision in Ma-a, Davao City.
US Embassy representative Richmond Jimenez and Megan Bartholome, deputy chief of the Non-Immigrant Visa Unit, visited the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) to get updates on the development of police investigation on the killing of Basil Joseph Griffin, 73, a retired auto salesman and native of Oregon, USA.
Griffin was found with head injuries inside the comfort of his house at Woodridge Subdivision on January 3.
Griffin's sister Carol Malta wrote a letter and requested the US Embassy in Manila to look into the death of her brother.

Rat Urine Now Killing Survivors

The Philippines is struggling to help about 429,000 people on the southern island of Mindanao after the country’s worst storm in three years as the first outbreaks of disease are reported and more rains forecast.
Tropical Storm Washi, locally known as Sendong, killed 1,257 people on Mindanao, many as they slept, as rivers overflowed and inundated coastal cities in the early hours of Dec. 17. As anger over a slow government response mounted, Civil Defense Administrator Benito Ramos said by phone yesterday that five people have died from leptospirosis, a bacterial infection that spreads in water contaminated with rat urine.

Australian Pleads For Release

A former Australian soldier kidnapped in the southern Philippines is seen in a video sent to his family pleading for his life and urging Manila and Canberra to raise a $2 million ransom being demanded by his captors.
The video of 53-year-old Warren Richard Rodwell, along with four photographs showing him in handcuffs and apparently wounded in the right hand, were mailed to his Filipino wife before Christmas, Philippine police officials said. The Associated Press saw a copy of the video and pictures Thursday.

Immigration Sign Up

A TOTAL of 101 foreigners in Davao City appeared before the Bureau of Immigration (BI) for their annual report.
"We do expect more than 3,000 registered aliens in Davao to report towards the end of the first 60 days of this year," said lawyer Nimfa Edroso, BI-Davao officer-in-charge.
In the BI's official website, BI commissioner Ricardo David Jr. said the annual report is provided under the Alien Registration Act of 1950, which directs foreigners to report to the bureau within the first 60 days of every calendar year.

Rat Fever

he health authorities declared an outbreak of a deadly rat fever on Monday in the flood-hit areas in the southern Philippines.
At least five people were already dead and as many as 200 were diagnosed in the southern city of Cagayan de Oro with leptospirosis, a fatal animal-borne disease that can result in high fever, internal bleeding and organ failure.
The latest fatality, an old woman, died late Monday due to complication.
Dr. Jaime Bernadas, regional health minister, said they fear the number of patients displaced by typhoon Washi could increase in the coming days.
Congressman Rufus Rodriguez has called on people affected by the floods that killed over 1,200 people to avail of the government's vaccination against the deadly disease.

Death Of Al Barnett

My post:
Uncle Alan you may be gone but you will never ever be forgotten, you will always be in our hearts and our thoughts.
I am devastated that I have never had the opportunity to meet him and now I will never have the chance.
I have fond memories of Uncle Alan when I was young he used to phone every year to speak to us at Christmas time. 

It has only been recently that I have discovered the amazing work that Alan and Robalyn did, I am truly inspired by the Bite for a Byte program, as a Primary Teacher myself this charity foundation really struck a chord with me. I would be very greatfull to have the opportunity to visit Al,s Diner and to see the work that Alan did for the local schools and community in Daveo city.

Kind regards

Kirsty Barnett - Alan's niece (Chris Barnett's daughter)

Two Thousand Maybe Dead

Philippine authorities yesterday doubled the number of dead and missing in deadly floods to more than 2,000, as relief groups rushed in aid for desperate survivors.
Water, toilets and other facilities are all urgently needed to head off potential epidemics, UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) spokeswoman Angela Travis said.
“The water situation is still difficult and we are worried about what this means for their health,” Travis said, adding that damaged tap water systems meant firetrucks had to deliver to the camps.
Nearly half a million people require immediate assistance, UN agencies estimate, including nearly 50,000 at evacuation centers and those reduced to living with relatives and on the streets.

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