Divorce In The Philippines?

The Philippines is one of the last places to still disallow divorce in the Philippines.

However under certain circumstances it can be allowed.

For more details please contact apovisions@gmail.com

Davao Culinery Courses

Recently I was very lucky to attend the graduation meal for the Center for Asian Culinary Studies here in Davao City.

The chefs produced some fantastic food and had worked hard over several months to achieve their results.

But we must not forget the waiting staff who were very confused when the Western guests needed knives and the loud "boom boom" music turned down a little.

Somewhere new to dine in Davao

Now there is somewhere new to dine in Davao City in Rizal Street. Try the Cellar which is under the revamped Claudes Restaurant.

High quality food and presentation that is some what spoilt by poor staff training, but never the less it really is worth a visit.

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