Davao Summer Festival

The Younghusband siblings, Derek Ramsey, Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski - these are among the many stars who will converge to Davao City in various set of activities to mark the city’s first ever summer festival.
Phil and James Younghusband along with members of the phenomenal Philippine Azkals football team will visit Davao in time for the Suzuki Under 23 soccer tournament which will kick off this April 29 at the Tiongco Football Field.
The soccer tournament is slated to run from April 28 to May 30 and is organized by the Davao Football Association and the Philippine Football Federation.
Meanwhile celebrity hunk and sportsman Derek Ramsey will display his Frisbee prowess as he will be among the players in the coming Daba-Daba Ultimate Frisbee Tournament organized by ultimate Frisbee group Mulato Davao. The event will be held on May 7-8 also at the Tionko Football Field.

Mothers Week at Eden

Manila Bay Malate: Manila Bay Pollution and Jail

Manila Bay Malate: Manila Bay Pollution and Jail: " Swimming in polluted waters of Manila Bay could soon land you, not just in the hospital, but in jail. Manila Vice-Mayor Isko Moreno sa..."

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Heavy rains buried shanty houses in a mining area

 A landslide caused by heavy rains buried shanty houses in a mining area on a southern Philippine island, killing at least 27 and leaving dozens of people missing, local disaster and security forces officials said Friday.
The landslide hit before dawn in Kingking village on the southern island of Mindanao, burying people under mud, rocks and rubble, said Liza Mazo, head of the regional disaster agency.
Six people were taken to hospital with minor injuries and rescuers were searching for others who may have been buried near an illegal small-scale mining area in the Compostela Valley.

Abreeza Mall

DABAWENYOS will soon experience a different kind of shopping with the opening of Abreeza Mall on May 12.

Clavel Tongco, general manager of Accendo Commerial Corp., said a total of 192 merchants are set to open next month, which is 61 percent of the total tenants of the mall.

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"Most of the brands are not yet available in other malls (in the city) and we have 66 new brands for the Dabawenyos," she said during the press conference at the Pearl Farm Marina Friday.

Aside from shops that offer high-end brands, Tongco said a lot of Davao-based merchants that highlight the best crafts will also be housed in the mall.

"At least 30 restaurants are opening next month and we are presently 92 percent leased out. The other stores are set to open in coming months," she said.

Condoms in Davao

THE Catholic Church on Thursday denounced moves by the Davao City government, led by the Duterte political clan, to buy condoms and other contraceptives and distribute them to communities under a local version of the reproductive health bill.

“We will counter any government official pushing for the passage of a city ordinance allowing the distribution of condoms and other contraceptives,” said Surigao del Sur Bishop Nereo Odchimar, president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.
“We will tell people not to obey them.”

The bishops oppose the reproductive health bill being debated in the House of Representatives, which would establish a national policy on population management and institute a program of sex education in schools.

Weena Bus Attack By Mayors Son

Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of this city urged a bus driver to sue his son, City Councilor Paolo Duterte, for allegedly beating him over a traffic incident last week.

In his televised program on Sunday, the vice mayor said bus driver Arnold Cobol should sue his son if he felt his rights were violated.

The young Duterte allegedly chased Cobol, a driver of Weena Bus Company, after the councilor saw him beat the red light along Quimpo Boulevard in the morning of April 2.

When the bus driver reportedly refused to stop, Duterte blocked the vehicle's path with his car and allegedly took his gun out and ordered the driver to disembark. But Cobol still refused.

The councilor then went up the bus and allegedly hit the bus driver with a baton in the face and body.

"File a case against my son. He is a City Councilor and he knows what he is doing and the consequences of his actions," the vice mayor said.

Manila Bay Malate: Imelda to pay back?

Manila Bay Malate: Imelda to pay back?: "A Philippines court said Monday that it has ordered the widow of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos to return 279,000 dollars illegally taken..."

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House For Rent In Bajada Davao

Some members have been to this bungalow, Adrian & Janice threw a party there last July 
Since then Adrian & Janice have moved to another bungalow in the same compound (4 bungalows in all) and this one will be available for rent from 12th April. Another virtually identical one becomes available 4th July.
Rent is 25,000 pesos a month, one month in advance plus 2 months security deposit. There is also a 6,000 pesos security deposit for utilities too. The bungalow is fully furnished and Sky cable TV and PLDT landline/internet have been installed. The compound is secure and the absence of roosters is greatly appreciated.

Bungalow #4 available from 10th April.

Bungalow #3 (adjacent) available from 6th July.
For any other info including typical running  costs, best contactjgrant8165@yahoo.co.uk for details.

Fourteen were killed in Tenok village Maguindanao

Hundreds of residents left their homes as the death toll rose to 14 in a clash between a Filipino-Muslim group and a powerful Filipino-Muslim political family, days after they met to iron out a disagreement over a road project and fishing rights on a community lake in the southern Philippines, sources said.
Fourteen were killed in Tenok village, Maguindanao, as Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) rebels and followers of Esmael Mangudadatu, governor of Maguindanao clashed after they failed to implement an agreement they had forged in Davao City, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief Gen. Eduardo Oban Jr. told the Star.
In response, the MILF revived the newly-established MILF Task Force Tenok; Mangudadatu recalled a reconciliation committee. Members of these two parties had met in Davao City two weeks ago, to iron out their differences on the ongoing development in Tenok, MILF's Eid Kabalu told the Star.
The aim of the two parties is to reconcile MILF commander Tauting Salendab and the Mangudadatu family, Kabalo said.

Zamboanga Bus Terror

ZAMBOANGA, Philippines - Gunmen killed an army officer, his wife and an armed guard and set fire to their bodies in a brutal bus ambush in the Philippines' strife-torn south, the military said Wednesday.
Extortionists are believed to be behind the atrocity late Tuesday, the latest in a series of attacks on buses plying the roads of Mindanao island, said local military official Colonel Buenaventura Pascual.
"We have launched a combined military and police operation to get these people who have been conducting extortion in the highway," said Pascual, head of a local counter-terrorist task force.
Four armed men who had posed as passengers flagged down the bus along a stretch of highway but shot two armed security men who had been hired to provide security aboard the bus, the military said.

Teachers freed in Mindanao

This from BBC

Tribal gunmen on the Philippine island of Mindanao have freed 12 hostages, most of them teachers, five days after seizing them, police say.
The 12 were seized in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur Province, by Manobo tribesmen demanding the release of a jailed tribal leader.
They were freed after the leader was temporarily released, reports say.

Manila Bay Malate: I Met Imelda Marcos

Manila Bay Malate: I Met Imelda Marcos: " Walking back from a night out in Malate, I was on my way to my apartment behind Robinson Mall, when I noticed some photographers at a..."

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Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Charts January 22nd 1972

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Charts January 22nd 1972: "This week there was a 70s music Pink Floyd concert in the Winter Gardens in Bournemouth in the UK, where the band would ..."

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Mindanao island, where 320 mothers died per 100,000 live births

The Philippines, where an average of 11 women a day die giving birth, could lower its high maternal death rate by having a reproductive health policy, a visiting United Nations delegation said on Friday.
"The absence of a national reproductive health policy, especially for the poorest, is a vital concern," said Brian Bowler, leader of the delegation of six U.N. bodies.
However, he noted that religious views had to be considered in setting national laws. "The Philippines is a Catholic country, and as such it has very strong principles, and of course religion must be observed," said Bowler, who is Malawi's permanent representative to the U.N.
The Philippines has one of the Asia's fasted-growing populations, which is nearing 100 million people. It also has one of the region's highest rates of maternal deaths. The problem was particularly severe in Muslim communities on Mindanao island, where 320 mothers died per 100,000 live births -- double the national average, Bowler said.

Three small-scale miners were killed and six others remain trapped in mine tunnels that collapsed on Saturday at the height of heavy rains in a mountain village in Tampakan, South Cotabato.
Nelida Pereira, action officer of the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (PDRRMC) of South Cotabato, identified yesterday two of the three bodies dug up at the scene as Lamlan Bayuri and Remy Malayon.

Manila Bay Malate: Looking Down On Ermita and Manila Bay

Manila Bay Malate: Looking Down On Ermita and Manila Bay: "If you are thinking of visiting Manila Bay and Malate and Ermita, and need some advice from an expats point of view. Then please cont..."

If you are thinking of visiting Manila Bay and Malate and Ermita, and need some advice from an expats point of view. Then please contact jgrant8165@yahoo.co.uk

Tribal gunmen seized 16 people updated

Philippine authorities negotiating with tribal gunmen holding a dozen hostages said Tuesday the suspects' poor education was hampering delicate talks about resolving the four-day-old crisis.
Five gunmen from the forest-dwelling Manobo tribe seized 15 teachers and children on the southern island of Mindanao on Saturday in a bid to get the government to free a jailed relative.
The grade-school dropouts have since freed three hostages but the government now needs a negotiator who can explain the law to them, said police Senior Superintendent Nestor Fajura, spokesman for the negotiating team.

Tribal gunmen seized 16 people in the southern Philippines in a bid to free fellow tribesmen detained at a provincial jail, a provincial police chief said Saturday.
The victims were seized late Friday in Prosperidad town in Agusan del Sur province, 840 kilometres south of Manila, according to Senior Superintendent Jerome Baxinela.

Gunmen in the restive southern Philippines on Friday threatened to hurt their hostages, who are teachers they seized from a public school, if troops attempt to carry out rescue operations, an official said yesterday.
Alvin Magdamit, mayor of Prosperidad in Agusan del Sur province, said the leaders of the gunmen phoned them and asked for the release of their leader Ondo Perez before they free the 14 teachers.
"The conditions of teachers are okay. They are asking for food," Magdamit said,
At the same time, Magdamit said 14 teachers were held as hostage instead of 16 in the previous statement.

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