John Says Farewell two

Today is the day I fly and start my new life in Manila, so again thanks to all those people who I really can call friends here in Davao City. See you in a few weeks!!

More from Maa Prison

Here are some more pictures from my recent trip with FOM to the prison at Maa in Davao City.

Samal Road

ISLAND GARDEN CITY OF SAMAL, Davao del Norte – A P1.5 billion circumferential road is set to be constructed here to boost the tourism industry of what has been dubbed “the paradise of the south,” the Region 11 office of the Department of Tourism (DTI-11) Director Arturo P. Boncato disclosed Thursday.
The proposed 118-kilometer road project will be implemented by the government in several phases, said Boncato, who informed Davao del Norte Gov. Rodolfo P. del Rosario that the project would be included in the master list of projects among the tourism development areas identified around the country.
“The Aquino government is now determining the infrastructure and transportation requirements, as well as the product development investment requirements of these tourism development areas,” Ludwig Rieder, a tourism infrastructure consultant and president of the Asia Pacific Projects, said.

Friends Of Mindanao 16th Feb


Friends of Mindanao, Feb. 16th, 2011 Meeting Minutes

- Atty. Manny spoke to us about WIWAG. WIWAG is a program that offers mentoring and classroom instruction in Business Development to College level students, free of charge. Thank you Atty. Manny for coming to Friends ofMindanao.

-John Grant is leaving us and he will be greatly missed. He has allowed me to post on his blog site (Friends of Mindanao) in the past. He has changed the name of his site to “Talk of Mindanao” and will be moving on to Manila.
I would like to thank John for His service and wish him good luck in all he does. John, we hope to see you from time to time and invite you back to FOM whenever you are back in the area.

 -Book & DVD exchange continues to work well.

-  We decided to make some of our treasury monies (P2000) available to Paul Fuller to help families at Ma-a Jail after the big fire on the boulevard. Paul will explore the needs and get back to us (FOM).
-  We collected pencils, pens, paper, shoes, and clothing that I delivered today to the 3 girls that are being helped by the “Vacationista’s”/Inmates Dependants scholar fund. These are girls directly affected by the fire near the Boulevard/Bocana Barangay.  Thank you FOM members for donating. I met the mothers of the girls today and they were very grateful.
-Short break and Raffle w/treasurers report.

- Reminder, don’t forget to visit the B.I. this month for annual reporting.

-  Al & Robz American Diner on Crooked Road, Friday Night for Fish and Chips. Robz promises American Style Apple Pie w/ Ice cream for dessert and ask about the discount. See ya’ll there!

- Discussed a future trip to Eco-Park near Digos. Who’s been there to give us some more info? Please contact Steve with more information.

- I asked Paul if he needs more questions about Expat’s legal rights and pitfalls to send to the Circuit Judge to answer for us. He informed me that the Judge had to cancel due to scheduling, so we asked Atty. Manny if he could speak to the questions and he said yes, so we will invite him back soon.

- We agreed to put together a new web site for Friends of Mindanao. 
          -- This web site would be owned by FOM and subject to moderation. We have purchased the site’s domain name for $13.
The name is Adrian advises me that it should be up for all to view in 10 or so days. This “same name” (friendsofmindanao) dot-com should still be very accessible to search engines. 
          -- Richard Tansley, Len Tisdale and Paul Fuller volunteered to work with Adrian on the website design.

- Our next meeting will be March 2nd. Our speaker should be the new Regional Director of the BJMP (director of Jails).

Davao Ladies Prison Dancing

Puffer Fish Attack

Seven Badjao natives were rushed to hospital after eating puffer fish that they caught during the weekend.
Rosenda Kaluman said her husband, Mejame, started vomiting and contracted diarrhea last night after he and his neighbors ate 2 kilos of puffer fish that they caught at Matina Aplaya in Davao City.
Doctors said all 7 patients were poisoned after ingesting tetrodotoxin from the fish, which is more dangerous than cyanide. "May mga toxins ang ovaries at intestines nito, 1,200 times ang poison nito," said nurse Leah Flor Suelan.
The downed fishermen were immediately given medical treatment to counteract the poison in their bodies.

Sunday lunch

A group of FOM members from the UK,USA,Philippines and AUSTRALIA all enjoyed Sunday lunch at Drifters recently in Davao City.

More from Prison

The Ma a prison in Davao City has welcomed FOM on several occasions now.

Here are some pictures of this very forward thinking prison and its excellent staff.

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