Child Trafficking in Davao City

TEN girls believed to be victims of human trafficking were rescued from a manpower recruitment quarters in Matina, Davao City on Tuesday.

The rescue operation, conducted at 747 Molave Street in Juna Subdivision in Matina around 11 a.m. Tuesday, came after a resident of Mintal complained to authorities that his niece from Maguindanao was being held there and will only be released if he pays P15,000 for board and lodging.

The man, 48, said he was asked by his cousin from Maguindanao to get his daughter from the M.R. International Manpower Services Inc. quarters in observance of Ramadan.

He went to the quarters last Monday to fetch his 19-year-old niece but was told by the caretaker that he can only do so if he pays P15,000.

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