Welcome One and All.

John Grant here.

As mentioned before I am a British Expat now living in the Manila Bay area. The area commonly known as Ermita and Malate.

I had spent six years living in Davao City, before moving here  a few months ago. OK,it is not like the hustle and bustle of Makati, and nor does it have those Makati prices. But it is an OK place to live.

I have come across one problem. Where are all the expats in this area?

As this location seems to be a more short stay area for expats, I have started to develop  a social organisation on the hunt to find other expats in the area that may be hiding, and need a beer.

No politics, no religion and no subs. Just an honest get together with expats and friends of expats.
My hope is that over the months we can build it up to a social and self support organisation, and a s a link to others who may be coming this way.

In August lets all have a drink up...what do you say?

Eventually a site and separate e mail address will be set up, but for now lets keep in contact via jgrant8165@yahoo.co.UK

Please pass this information to others who you think might benefit from a beer and a chat in Malate or Ermita

Check out some useful sites Manila Bay   Talk of Mindanao      Asia Bill

Hope to hear from you soon.
Regards John

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