Weena Bus Attack By Mayors Son

Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of this city urged a bus driver to sue his son, City Councilor Paolo Duterte, for allegedly beating him over a traffic incident last week.

In his televised program on Sunday, the vice mayor said bus driver Arnold Cobol should sue his son if he felt his rights were violated.

The young Duterte allegedly chased Cobol, a driver of Weena Bus Company, after the councilor saw him beat the red light along Quimpo Boulevard in the morning of April 2.

When the bus driver reportedly refused to stop, Duterte blocked the vehicle's path with his car and allegedly took his gun out and ordered the driver to disembark. But Cobol still refused.

The councilor then went up the bus and allegedly hit the bus driver with a baton in the face and body.

"File a case against my son. He is a City Councilor and he knows what he is doing and the consequences of his actions," the vice mayor said.

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