Friends Of Mindanao Meeting March 2010

Friends of Mindanao, March 2nd, 2011 meeting minutes

- Opened with new members

- Stacy Baird and James Ryan, both U.S. citizens, talked about James experiences in Ma-a Jail. Thank you both for sharing your story with us. James gave a donation to FOM and asked if we could do some work on the jails showers. Paul will investigate that and get back to us.

- An announcement: A Baby Shower for Rose Bryant. Saturday, March 5th at 3 PM. Pot luck!

- Book & DVD exchange continues to work well.

- We had a guest speaker, Marcus Hendon from Christchurch New Zealand, talk about his homeland and the damage andloss of life there due to the earthquakes. Our thought and prayers are with the people of New Zealand.
-Short break and Raffle w/treasurers report.

-  Don’t forget, Al & Robz American Diner on Crooked Road, Friday Night for Fish and Chips. Robz promises American Style Apple Pie w/ Ice cream for dessert and ask about the discount. See ya’ll there!

- Discussed a future trip. A resort in Digos is being looked at. Any other ideas for a day trip?

- Please get your contact information to myself or Paul F so we can make a card to carry in the wallet.
          -- Cheryl mentioned FOM develop a relationship with some local lawyers. We could have them come and speak to us about possible future needs.

- Talked about a Dinner-Out on the 30th of March with 2 possible locations. I will update you on this at the 16 March meeting.

- The new website is online. 

- We have had a lot of positive comments about the new website, but most people have not noticed there is a printable map on the About Us page. That would be very helpful to anyone you want to invite to future meetings ... check it out on .

          -- I want to thank Richard Tansley, Len Tisdale and Paul Fuller for volunteering to work on the website design.
          -- Reg Newport has agreed to be “moderator” for the first quarter.
          -- Please look over the site, make suggestions for improvements and maybe write a short story about living here to be published on the site (w/pictures if possible).

- Our next meeting will be March 16th . Our speaker should be the new Regional Director of the BJMP (director of Jails).

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