Puffer Fish Attack

Seven Badjao natives were rushed to hospital after eating puffer fish that they caught during the weekend.
Rosenda Kaluman said her husband, Mejame, started vomiting and contracted diarrhea last night after he and his neighbors ate 2 kilos of puffer fish that they caught at Matina Aplaya in Davao City.
Doctors said all 7 patients were poisoned after ingesting tetrodotoxin from the fish, which is more dangerous than cyanide. "May mga toxins ang ovaries at intestines nito, 1,200 times ang poison nito," said nurse Leah Flor Suelan.
The downed fishermen were immediately given medical treatment to counteract the poison in their bodies.

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Anonymous said...

o wow thats what happens when you don't know what it can do to you

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