New NCCC Mall in Davao

The New City Commercial Center Corp. (NCCC), operator of shopping malls and commercial complexes mostly located in the Davao region, is expanding its Choice Supermarket brand with the opening of a second outlet within the second quarter.

The first Choice supermarket opened in December at the Floirendo-owned Damosa Land, about four kilometers from this city’s downtown. Company officials declined to provide figures on how much is needed to put up one Choice outlet, simply noting it does not entail a huge investment compared with building a new commercial complex, which requires hundreds of millions to a couple of billions of pesos.

Choice is a medium-size supermarket with over 1,000 square meters of floor area, separate from NCCC’s in-house supermarkets located within the company’s shopping malls and smaller commercial complexes. 

Aileen S. Gajo, head of the company’s public relations group, said the second Choice Supermarket would be located on San Pedro St.
The firm is looking for a location for a third outlet, she said.

Ms. Gajo said the company was awaiting the permit from the city engineer’s office. The lease for the new supermarket will cover at least 1,200 meters of floor area.

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alien said...

Thank you for re-posting this news article from Businessworld. However, the title is misleading where the article refers to Choice supermarket and not a new mall. We hope that you can make the appropriate revision. Thanks. - Aileen S Gajo, NCCC

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