FOM 1st Meet 2011


Friends of Mindanao

January 5th 2011 Meeting Minutes

- Opened meeting with new members. Lots of new faces this week. Welcome and “Happy New Year” to all.

-Thanks to Richard for a great meeting today.

-Our speaker was from Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc. The ladies gave a great introduction to owning and operating a franchise in Davao area. Members asked lots of questions.  Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc. can be contacted at 304-2641/0923-8533575 (Davao office) for more information.

-We are back after the New Year with a proper rotation of 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. Paul will M.C. Jan 20thmeeting.

-Book & DVD exchange working well. Lots of DVD’s and books changed hands today.

-Short break and Raffle. Congrats to Chris for winning today.

-Paul F. spoke about the Christmas show at the Davao Ladies Jail. Members asked about going back to the jail again to visit.
-- Paul, would you please look into another visit to Ma-a Jail by FOM? We will discuss this item on 20 Jan.

- The Philippines Eagle Preserve and Malagos Park day trip has been set for 23rd January at 0800. Meet at Gardena Fresca no later than 0800. We pull out at 0815 SHARP!

- Bring a suggested Holiday you would like to celebrate this year. The most obscure the holiday, the better. We will plan an evening out around your favorite holiday.
-Cricket team start-up by Chris. This idea was widely supported by the FOM group. Chris started a list of interested members today. If you’re interested and want to be added to the list; email and I’ll get you on the list. You don’t have to know how to play to join. We already have a match set with the Cagayan De Oro City Expat’s group.

- Please bring your funniest (clean) joke to the meeting. Leon will tell joke next meeting.

- The Gardena Fresca owner, Jojo B. Sevilla has provided us with a great venue for more than a year now. He keeps us going with a sound system, breakfast snacks, coffee and refreshments. Just a reminder, the buffet table cost 100P. If you only drink coffee, it’s still 100 P. Jojo needs his investment in FOM back in order to keep his doors open for us.

- Al & Robz Diner will be featuring English Fish & Chips on Friday nights starting January 2011. I will get this info and we can go eat some great food at Al & Robz.

- Reminder, the FOM crisis phone list is being put together. Please email me your contact info or give it to me at next meeting and we will get cards made up and distributed.

- We have some great speakers in our future, such as, Davao Superintendent of Jails. Ma-a Jail’s Chaplain and more. Paul will ask the Davao BI to come speak to us about VISA information. Lots happening so don’t miss a meeting!

- Reminder, don’t forget to visit the B.I. this month or next for annual reporting.

- A good discussion about Visa’s and immigration popped-up today.

- Thanks to all members for your participation today. We had a very informative and interesting meeting.

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