Concert At The Prison

Some of the members of FOM attended a Christmas Show at the Ladies Prison in MAA in Davao City.

We were treated to shows, great signing, great food and  the inmates , who are known as vacationers, were amazigly happy and everybody enjoyed themselves.

Some of the monies collected were to help children of those inside, and to help the mens prison that is so over crowded.

Thanks to everyone involved, and a special thanks to Paul F and his wife who worked so hard all day to help make it happen.

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Christmas 1978

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Christmas 1978: "The 70s music Christmas charts were so important in the 1970s, with not only the prestige of getting a Christmas hit, but a N..."

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Christmas 1977

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Christmas 1977: "The 70s music Christmas charts were so important in the 1970s, with not only the prestige of getting a Christmas hit, but a N..."

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Christmas 1976

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Christmas 1976: "The 70s music Christmas charts were so important in the 1970s, with not only the prestige of getting a Christmas hit, but a&nb..."

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Christmas 1975

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Christmas 1975: "The 70s music Christmas charts were so important in the 1970s, with not only the prestige of getting a Christmas hit, but a&nb..."

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Christmas 1974

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Christmas 1974: "The 70s music Christmas charts were so important in the 1970s, with not only the prestige of getting a Christmas hit, but a&nbsp..."

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Christmas 1973

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Christmas 1973: "The 70s music Christmas charts were so important in the 1970s, with not only the prestige of getting a Christmas hit, but a&..."

Good Food, Bad Food

Found this article, and it talks about the top three BEST foods in the Philippines and the top three worse.

See if you agree.

The best, and the worst of Food from The Philippines

My Food from The Philippines series has been one I’ve enjoyed a lot. There are three main reasons.
  1. I like food, and eat far too much of it. The main reason here, is quite simply it’s one of my secrets to long-term travel. I move more than most, I’m in differing climates, and I’m under a lot of pressure. If I ate less, then I wouldn’t have made it this far.
  2. No one has really highlighted food from The Philippines as being anything “special“, I wanted to boost its visibility in the world.
  3. A lot of people have enjoyed discovering what’s available in The Philippines to eat. If you are planning to visit The Philippines you can come here, and see what will be awaiting you!
This series has been the raw reality of eating in The Philippines from a travelers perspective.
But as I move on, so I must eat my last meal here. So, without further ado, here are my best and worst top 3 of Philippine food.

Tourism in Mindanao

The tourism industry in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) remains a work in progress in organization and promotion, according to an officer of the Mindanao Tourism Council (MTC).

Araceli Ayuste, chairperson of the MTC, said the recent third leg of the “B’yahe Ta Mindanao,” highlighting the tourist spots, destinations, and cultural activities of Maguindanao and Cotabato City had shown the vast potentials of the tourism industry in the ARMM.

“There is a lot to be done, but the area is full of tourism potentials,” she said.

As this developed, Ayuste suggested to the organizers of the colorful Guinakit Festival which recalls the entry of Sharrif Mohammad Kabungsuan, the first Islam preacher to Mindanao in the Pre-Hispanic Era, need to come up with several categories like a fluvial boat competition intended separately for big and small boats in order to draw more participation from the Muslim residents.

She observed that in the latest competition which involved 13 fluvial boats, the three biggest boats got the biggest prizes while the 10 smaller boats only received consolation prizes.

More from MB.COM

Next FOM Meeting January 5th

The FOM meetings are taking a Christmas break, so as we drink and be merry we will be back sober on Wednesday January 5th 2011 at the normal time and the normal venue.

Merry Christmas From FOM

To all our readers from ALL over the world we wish you and your family a fantsatic Christmas and a Happy New Year.

 Here in the Philippines we will open a bottle or two of RED HORSE, which is not probably legal in most countries.

Hic  Hic

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Christmas 1971

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Christmas 1971: "The 70s music Christmas charts were so important in the 1970s, with not only the prestige of getting a Christmas hit, but a&nbsp..."

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Christmas 1970

Hits of the 70s: 70s Music Christmas 1970: "The 70s music Christmas charts were so important in the 1970s, with not only the prestige of getting a Christmas hit, but a NUMBER&nb..."

Cayagan De Oro At Christmas

Strange But True Christmas Crimes

‘Tis the season — for crime? Many criminals see the holiday season as their opportunity to cash in. But while many of the crimes committed around Christmas center around theft of presents, there are a few that are so strange that they definitely deserve a special place on Santa’s naughty. Here are 10 strange but true

More here

Merry Christmas from FOM


Friends of Mindanao

December 15th, 2010 meeting minutes

- Steve B. opened meeting and Richard T. closed meeting.

1. The question was asked by several members…. “Who is the Chairman of Friends of Mindanao?”
Answer; “Steve B. is the Chairman.”

2. Set calendar for next meeting, 5 January 2011. This will put us on our proper rotation of 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. Richard T. agreed to M.C. and the group agrees to provide a different M.C. each meeting to assist Steve B.

3. Book exchange works well. Suggested a DVD exchange might be fun. Please bring this to 4 January meeting for discussion on how it will work.
-- Bring them just as we do the books and exchange?
-- Start on Jan 5th?
-- Bring your DVD’s for trade.

4. The Christmas party was a success. A big thanks too Andy and Pops for the wonderful meal and allowing us into their home. Thanks to Rose and Malcolm for the fun and the gifts.

5. Short break and Raffle. Congratulations to Al and Robz for winning the raffle this meeting!

6. Paul F. spoke of the upcoming show at the Davao prison. He has tickets for sale at 200 pesos each. Show is at 5pm on 30th December please contact him for tickets and further details.

7. New trips for the spring. Take a trip to Samal for swimming? Visit Eden Park? The Philippine Eagle preserve? The BatCaves and Higimit waterfalls?  A boat trip! Bring your suggestions to 5 Jan meeting.

8. Speakers? I’m (Steve B.) not a big advocate of business in the Philippines and do not have friends in high places. Please help find future speakers that we can bring to FOM.
-- Reg and Liz N. have a speaker for 5 Jan meeting.

9. Proposal from Leon R. that we form a cricket team for fun & games. This idea was widely supported by the FOM group. Leon will collect names and take this forward at next meeting.

10. No joke of the day this meeting. Please bring your funniest  (clean) joke to the next meeting.

- Meeting was adjourned.

Christmas Songs From The Philippines 4

Pilipinas Got Talent

Christmas Songs From The Philippines 3

Christmas is the season of gift giving. In keeping with the tradition of giving, Filipinos have their own version of exchanging gifts or Kris Kringle, it is called "Monito Monita". This is usually done among groups of friends, classmates or officemates.
The mechanics of exchanging vary, some can be as simple as asking the participants to bring a gift, on an agreed amount which are later on raffled off to the participants, on Christmas Party.
Others starts several weeks ahead of the gift-giving time which is usually the Christmas party. All participant's name are put in a box and each member will draw a name from the box and whoever you got will be your Monito/Monita and you have to buy a Christmas present for him/her. You cannot reveal your Monito/Monita's name- it will be a secret until the revelation day.

Christmas Songs From The Philippines

Philippines has earned the reputation of being a nation that celebrates the world longest Christmas season. One can hear people singing Christmas carols as early as September and the celebration lasts till Epiphany, celebrated on first Sunday of the year. The birth of Lord Jesus Christ is celebrated at midnight with the Misa de Gallo (Night Mass), together with hallelujahs and Christmas carols. Philippines is hence very famous for its Christmas festivities and Filipino Christmas songs are an integral part of the celebration.

More about Philippines Christmas Songs

Dogs Life

Davao Writers Workshop


EARLIER this year, I was in Davao to speak at the Davao Writers Workshop on whether there is such a thing as “Mindanaoan writing.” A few days ago, I was in Tacloban to attend an “All-Visayas Writers Conference” where I was asked to speak on the subject of “Visayan writing” and what it means. Today, in Manila, I feel like I have traveled from the margins to the center to bring news about what is going on “out there.”

This is not exactly what I am going to do however. Instead, I would like to begin by troubling the concept of margins. What, after all, are centers and margins? I don’t think there is anyone in this gathering of writers who is not positioned in the margins, if one construes this in economic, social, political, ethnic, or territorial terms, or any combination of these forms of marginality. 

Writers can imagine themselves writing from the center if they write speeches for the president, policy papers for a government think tank, propaganda for a ruling party; or when they fancy themselves a national opinion-maker, setter of trends, creator of canons, or a “national artist” who, taking the title too seriously, imagines himself his nation’s oracle. This is ambition or delusion. In the end, a writer as writer can only speak for himself or herself, and write out of literature’s fragile, contested, and threatened claims of authority, an authority a literary writer can exercise only in diffuse, complexly mediated ways.

More from Manila Times


Thanks to Richard and Jessa for holding a BBQ for some of the FOM members, it was a perfect English style event.

Great people, Great food, Great drink, Great RAIN

Happy New Year In Eden

Friends Of Mindanao Meeting

The last meeting of Friends Of Mindanao before Christmas will be on Wednesday 15th December,normal venue and normal time.

 Steve B is feeling a lot better and will be chairing the meeting.

Details if required, from

6th Mindanao Film Festival

After the successful 6th Mindanao Film Festival which showcased different films from Mindanaoan filmmakers, Davao City will host 2011's Cinemarehiyon Film Festival which will screen regional films from differentDavao parts of the country.
Spearheaded by the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts (NCCA) Cinema Committee as parts of the National Arts Month, the festival will be held in Davao City from February 9-12 at Gaisano Mall Cinema.
"This is the first time it will be held outside of Manila." Mike Rapatan of the chair of the NCCA's committee on Cinema said.
Rapatan during his speech at the Mindanao Film Festival Awards night held last December 5, said that the festival will be much bigger in scale as new regional films coming from Ilocano and Igorot filmmakers will be featured.

Davao City’s Christmas Festival

Davao City’s Christmas festival celebration will officially commence Wednesday at 5 p.m. with the simultaneous ceremonial lighting of Rizal, Quezon and Osmena parks and the local government (LGU) complex as well as the unveiling of the first interactive musical dancing fountain at the People’s Park.
Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio and his father Vice Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte will lead the ceremonial lightings of the month-long Pasko Fiesta sa Dabaw, an annual celebration that integrates festive and competitive Christmas activities.
James A. Zimmerman, chair of the committee on “Pailaw sa Dabaw and Lamdag Parada”, said the event also features the colorful lightings and arrays of decorations in different districts, barangays, public parks, and buildings as well as in showcasing the community’s creativity and talents.
December 5, 12, 19, 24, 25 & 31, 2010
5:00 PM
Evening Performance at the Park
(Also on January 1 & 2, 2011)
December 18, 2010 (Saturday)
5:00 PM
Kapamilya Pasko Na, ABS-CBN Network Christmas Special
December 19, 2010 (Sunday)
5:00 PM
Paskong Kapuso, GMA Network Christmas Special
December 20, 2010 (Monday)
5:00 PM
Dasig Sayaw: A Cheerdancing Competition
December 22, 2010 (Wednesday)
1:00 PM
Baktas Karakas: Marching Band Competition
December 23, 2010 (Thursday)
5:00 PM
Lamdag Parada 2010 (Lighted Christmas Float Parade)

No oil

 Due to their failure to submit work program and other requirements, the Department of Energy (DoE) was prompted to cancel at least four oil and gas exploration service contracts (SCs), two of which are with Burgundy Global Exploration Corporation.
These contracts, according to highly-placed sources are SCs 65 to 68, covering acreages in East Palawan basin; Cagayan and Agusan-Davao basins.
It can be gleaned from DOE records that Service Contract 65 is with Miocene Mining and Energy Corporation covering an area of 860,000 hectares along Cagayan basin. The contract’s effective date was May 7, 2008 and is supposed to lapse by November 7, 2015.
SC 66 is with Helios Petroleum and Gas Corporation for a block of 488,000 hectares along Agusan-Davao basin.

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