Sex In D City

Software Exhibition in Davao City, Dec 5 & 6, 2010 at SM City Davao...Free admission

Womens Jail Davao

Recently the FOM group visited the womens prison at Maa in Davao City.
I came across an article about the very place.

Click  ISP News for full article

DAVAO, Philippines, Nov 24 , 2010 (IPS) - "I was shocked when I saw them," says 18-year-old detainee Chona (not her real name) of the first time she saw the duplex-style bungalows painted in pastel colours that make up her ‘home’.

There are windows to let sunlight into the bungalows and a veranda where the women residents can chat with each other while watering the plants. Others sit in the shaded part of the garden crocheting or sewing. 

Here in the Davao City Female Jail in the southern Philippines, called the Ray of Hope Village, there are no cells. 

"This is even nicer than my own home," explains Chona, who has been charged with possession of illegal drugs and has been in the jail for more than eight months. She is one of the 131 women detainees awaiting sentencing, a process that can take years in the Philippines’ slow justice system.

Mindanao News Update

DAVAO CITY,  Major stakeholders on anti-terrorism gathered recently as Mayor Sara Duterte called for an anti-terrorism forum that urged villages and establishments in the city to be aware of threats of terrorism that might happen.
Duterte disclosed that she decided on conducting the first-ever forum on anti-terrorism in the city to help the public be aware on what to do in times of terroristic acts. “I want them to know their role in the prevention, deterrence and response,” she said.
The mayor also urged villagers and establishments to create their own anti-terrorism program. “We have prepared materials for them in which they can make their own anti-terrorism program,” she said. Duterte explained that it is important to involve the villages to participate in the city’s anti-terrorism program.
CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY,  The City Information Office (CIO) announced on Saturday the job opening for at least 1,000 call center agents. In a statement, the City Information Officer said the opening of call center agent positions will be made available at the three-day jobs fair that starts on Monday.
The three-day job fair will be spearheaded by the SYKES Asia, Incorporated, a pioneering and leading call center company in the Philippines today, the CIO head said. The job fair will be at the City Tourism Hall here. According to Public Employment Service Office (PESO) Manager Juvy Paza, the Manila-based company hopes to recruit at least 1,000 call center agents during the three-day job fair.
DAVAO CITY,  Two former members of the New Peoples Army (NPA) received at least P15,000 livelihood assistance as they surrendered to Mayor Sara Duterte recently.
The returnees who were identified only as alyas “Ricky” and “Roy,” who were both members of Guerilla Front 54 operating in Toril area, this city, said the difficulty of living in the jungles and the uncertainty of their safety are what drove them to surrender.

Panabo Museum

Panabo City government has opened the Panabo Museum and Bulwagan Center with its agri-industrial and cultural halls ready to receive visitors, especially students for a learning tour.
In an interview, Panabo City Tourism Officer Jan Marie G. Café said the agri-industrial hall which was opened on November 19, had been completely done through the sponsorship of Antonio Floirendo Foundation of Tagum Agricultural Development Co., (TADECO), Inc.
The cultural hall features costumes of indigenous peoples (IPs) whose ancestors were believed to be among first peoples of Panabo, such as Ata, Cagan and the Angsts, Café said.
Other halls which are still on preparation stage are for political and contemporary collections.
Visitors can have a glimpse of the political history of Panabo through pictures of the city's early political leaders once the political hall of the museum will be made available.

French Travel Advisory

France has issued another travel advisory for the Philippines this week, warning its nationals of rising criminality during the holiday season. The advisory comes barely a month after France warned of possible terrorist attacks on the Philippines.
In its new travel advisory, France said that "general crime and kidnappings" are expected to rise throughout the Philippines, particularly during this period.
"General crime and kidnappings are rising each year throughout the Philippines at the approaching holiday season and during this period," read an English translation of the travel advisory update last Tuesday.
Previously, on November 2, France issued a travel advisory warning of possible terrorist attacks on the Philippines. At least five other countries —the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada— issued similar advisories.
However, the Philippine government had questioned the basis of the advisories.
In its latest advisory, France cited the Nov. 14 robbery of a jewelry shop in a mall in Parañaque City where the robbers lobbed a grenade at pursuers, wounding at least five people.
The robbery prompted Metro Manila police to intensify security for the Christmas shopping season.
"Risk of violence exists throughout the territory of the Philippines, particularly in public places," the French advisory noted.

Happy Thanksgiving at Drifters bar

I was very lucky to be invited to Drifters in Davao for a Thanksgiving meal. The Turkey's were the best taking I have had in years, and the beer and company matched it too.

I think the non Americans like myself out numbered the American contigent, but the whole event was a delight from top to bottom.

Invitation To Prison

Hi to all living in Davao City.  This is an invitation.  It is not a normal type of communication through these sites and I hope the moderators will allow it to post.

My wife works in the office of the Regional Governor of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) in Cotabato.  Consequently she is away much of the week although she usually leaves me a list of tasks that I can choose to help her with, or should I chose to live dangerously, just simply ignore.  Very seldom do I outright ignore her orders.

As one of her numerous social work activities under the banner of the Davao City Alliance Gospel Church which she is a member of, she teaches livelihood activities to the women at Davao City Jail woman’s section known as the Ray of Hope Village.  Her teaching there includes developing skills that could help them earn money and become independent on release.  She teaches jewellery making, bead work and embroidery which they sell as part of their handicrafts stall.  And as some may have read elsewhere I have recently taught basic cake making!  I see it as a form of relaxation and  a productive way to fill in my time.

The jail has many groups visiting on a daily routine to preach from the Bible.  Religion is the predominant and reoccurring theme.  While it is OK for some, and it clearly serves a purpose, I have often wondered about the real value of it and its message considering it is so freely available on the outside yet so many are on the inside behind bars. 

I often speak/chat with the ladies and they told me that every day they are subjected to religious commentaries about the advantages and wonders of knowing the message of the Bible.  Most said that they wanted/preferred to learn something apart from religion that would teach them skills to help them to survive on the outside.  I often had thoughts along the same lines!

Some months back, my wife and the jail administrators called a meeting of all religious groups and at that meeting they agreed to combine their efforts to develop one particular major goal rather than all pulling in different directions.  After considerable discussion, the project they unanimously decided to support was an education program for the children of the detainees.  It was left up to the mothers to encourage their children to nominate themselves as potential beneficiaries of this program.  Currently 28 children are registered in the Scholarship Program. 

Being awarded a scholarship means that they will be supported financially and academically throughout their schooling.  All proper requirements will be meet under the scholarship and each individual child will be monitored weekly to ensure that they are performing well in their  classrooms, that home study is satisfactorily completed and that their social behaviour outside their classrooms is appropriate.  The aim is to also encourage them to move away from bad influences and focus on more productive activities

Weekend visits to their mothers are strongly encouraged to help the bonding process and that aspect is part of the program.  We hope that the child will discuss with the Mother what they have learned during the week and that the Mother or others detainees will teach/assist the child.  This is a Filipino way of life! It is a big expectation and huge commitment for the child but only the child itself can determine the outcome!  Any difficulties they are experiencing at school or home will be dealt with as appropriate. 

Already there are several businesses who have expressed a willingness to take part in this program.  Even individuals can sponsor a child. An annual cost is being calculated at this time.

Everyone in the jail is keen to be involved including the Senior Officer and her Staff.  Other fund raising activities (sales of handicrafts etc) assist each detainee with their basic daily needs but this will be a special fund raising occasion.  We are not talking of having to raise a few hundred pesos but we need thousands of pesos.

As far as the Scholarship Program fund raising is concerned, the jail detainees will perform a Variety Extravaganza featuring cultural dances and songs, situational plays, individual singers and dance groups and other entertaining items. A group of children will perform a hip-hop dance.  It is extremely well choreographed and highly entertaining. 

Davao City Jail women's section is a model jail and all who visit and inspect the faculties will be impressed.  The Variety Extravaganza performance will be a memorable experience and the opportunity to visit the jail does not arise frequently.

An actual date for the performance is yet to be determined but an afternoon performance around the middle of December is a rough guide. If interest is great enough a second and even a third performance can be arranged.  I guarantee you will not walk away from the show feeling disappointed or short changed. 

Admittance to the variety concert will be on a ticket only basis (200 pesos per person) and audience numbers will be restricted to around 100 per performance due to security and seating space requirements.  I will have approximately 30 tickets for the first performance.

I advise that some persons attending the jail for the first time may become emotionally upset to some degree.

Anyone wishing to reserve tickets can contact me at

Cheers everyone and please support this worthy cause. 


Ho Ho Ho at Eden

Dangerous Denge

Dengue infection is a systemic and dynamic disease. It has a wide clinical spectrum that includes both severe and non-severe clinical manifestations. After the incubation period (interval between exposure to infection and appearance of first symptoms of the disease), the illness begins abruptly and is followed by the three phases -- febrile, critical and recovery.

For a disease that is complex in its manifestations, management is relatively simple, inexpensive and very effective in saving lives so long as correct and timely interventions are instituted.

The key is early recognition and understanding of the clinical problems during the different phases of the disease, leading to a rational approach to case management and a good clinical outcome. Activities (triage and management decisions) at the primary and secondary care levels (where patients are first seen and evaluated) are critical in determining the clinical outcome of dengue.

A well-managed front-line response not only reduces the number of unnecessary hospital admissions but also saves the lives of dengue patients. Early notification of dengue cases seen in primary and secondary care is crucial for identifying outbreaks and initiating an early response.

Febrile phase

Patients typically develop high-grade fever suddenly. This acute febrile phase usually lasts 2-7 days and is often accompanied by facial flushing, skin redness, generalized body ache, muscle, joint pains and headache. Some patients may have sore throat, swelling and redness of the throat and the eyes.

More often, the initial diagnosis of physicians during initial consult is acute tonsillitis. Poor appetite, nausea and vomiting are common.

It can be difficult to distinguish dengue clinically from non-dengue febrile diseases in the early febrile phase. A positive tourniquet test in this phase increases the probability of dengue.

In addition, these clinical features are indistinguishable between severe and non-severe dengue cases. Therefore monitoring for warning signs and other clinical parameters is crucial to recognizing progression to the critical phase.

Mild hemorrhagic manifestations like skin rashes and mucosal membrane bleeding (e.g. nose and gums) may be seen. Massive vaginal bleeding (in women of childbearing age) and gastrointestinal bleeding may occur during this phase but is not common.

The liver is often enlarged and tender after a few days of fever. The earliest abnormality in the full blood count is a progressive decrease in total white cell count (WBC), which should alert the physician to a high probability of dengue.

Critical phase

Around the time when fever goes down, when the temperature drops to 37.5-38oC or less and remains below this level, usually on days 3-7 of illness, an increase in capillary (tinniest blood vessel) permeability (able to pass through or leakage) in parallel with increasing hematocrit (measured packed red cell volume of the blood) levels may occur. This marks the beginning of the critical phase. The period of clinically significant plasma leakage usually lasts 24-48 hours.

Progressive decrease of white blood count followed by a rapid decrease in platelet count usually precedes plasma leakage. At this point patients without an increase in capillary permeability will improve, while those with increased capillary permeability may become worse as a result of lost plasma volume.

The degree of plasma leakage varies. Fluid accumulation in the lungs and abdominal cavity may be clinically detectable depending on the degree of plasma leakage and the volume of fluid therapy. Hence chest x-ray and abdominal ultrasound can be useful tools for diagnosis. The degree of increase above the baseline hematocrit often reflects the severity of plasma leakage.

Shock occurs when a critical volume of plasma is lost through leakage. It is often preceded by warning signs. The body temperature may be subnormal when shock occurs. With prolonged shock, the consequent organ hypoperfusion (decreased blood flow to an organ) results in progressive organ impairment, metabolic acidosis and disseminated severe hemorrhage causing the hematocrit to decrease and the total white cell count may increase. In addition, severe organ impairment such as severe hepatitis (liver), encephalitis (brain) or myocarditis (heart) and/or severe bleeding may also develop without obvious plasma leakage or shock.

Those who improve after lowering of fever are said to have non-severe dengue. Some patients progress to the critical phase of plasma leakage who are still febrile and, in these patients changes in the full blood count should be used to guide the onset of the critical phase and plasma leakage. Those who deteriorate will manifest with warning signs.

Cases of dengue with warning signs will probably recover with early intravenous rehydration. Some cases will deteriorate to severe dengue.

Legalize divorces in the Philippines

A controversial bill to Las stirred controversy among congress members in the archipelago.

A Filipino Bride and Groom
The bill, House Bill No. 1799, also known as “An Act Introducing Divorce in the Philippines” was filed by Congresswomen Luzviminda Ilagan and Emerenciana De Jesus on July 27.  Both congresswomen are members of the political party group Gabriela Women’s Party, which focuses on advancing women’s rights in the Philippines.
Currently, it is illegal to obtain a divorce in the Philippines.  An annulment or legal separation is recognized by the government, according to the Family Code, executive order number 209, signed July 26, 1987.

Swiss Deli

Friends of Mindanao
November Dinner out
Saturday evening, 27 November, 2010
At 7 PM
At The Swiss Deli and Restaurant
D’ Butcher D’ Baker
RS Compound Km 7, Lanang
Davao City 8000

On J.P. Laurel Ave in Lanang next to the walk-over bridge at Mamay Road near Davao Ford, Davao Toyota, Kia and Davao Chevrolet.

HIV Mindanao

Courtesy of  of MINEX
AT LEAST 34 cases of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) were recorded by the Department of Health (DOH) in Northern Mindanao as of September this year.

Dr. David Mendoza, director I of the DOH Center for Health Development (CHD) in Northern Mindanao, said 16 of these cases are from Cagayan de Oro, seven of whom are males who are now under the care of Alliance Against Aids in Mindanao (Alagad Mindanao) and are receiving antiretroviral treatment and care.

"The rest of the nine patients from Cagayan de Oro were no longer monitored since treatment is given to patients on a voluntary basis, not mandatory," Mendoza said during a press conference held Monday at Hotel Conchita.

Mendoza said in the Philippines, the National Aids Registry recorded at least 5,729 cases of HIV and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (Aids) since 1984 up to the present.

As cases of HIV/Aids keep on increasing, the DOH is reportedly having a hard time doing surveillance on suspected persons in the country.

This is because of the effect of a law in the country that does not require mandatory testing to high risk individuals, especially overseas Filipino workers, said Dr. Jaime Bernadas, regional director of DOH-CHD for Northern Mindanao.

Bernadas said the only way to stop the spread of the virus is through preventive measures.

"This is done through our partnership with the Global Fund and the World Health Organization," he said in the same press conference.

Bernadas said the health department would push through with its HIV/Aids prevention and information campaign through the distribution of free condoms and doing free consultation and confidential counseling.

On December 1, the DOH-Northern Mindanao will spearhead the celebration of the World Aids Day with the theme "Universal Access and Human Rights."

A program is set to be held at 8 a.m. at the Capitol grounds.

Bernadas said the yearly activity hopes to raise awareness about Aids pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection.

During the press conference, Bernadas discussed the various activities that the DOH has lined up in cooperation with its various partners, such as Tingog Cagayan de Oro, Alagad Mindanao and other government agencies.

Among the activities lined up are a forum on sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and Aids, and an extemporaneous speech contest among private and public high school students.

A series of blood-letting activities will also be held in various barangays in the city.

A Mindanao Thanksgiving

Now its  fair to say most of the US citizens residing here in Mindanao, will be celebrating many big Thanksgiving  events this week.

Even-though I am a defeated British, I will be joining friends from all nations this week to celebrate the Thanksgiving here in Davao City.

Lets not talk about the Boston Tea Party though.

Pearl Farm Spain


British Embassy Manila.

Dear Residents of the Philippines

Visa applications from the Philippines are processed by the UK Border Agency at the British Embassy Manila. This service will be closed over the Christmas and New Year period. Visa applications will not be processed from Friday 24th December 2010 to Monday 3 January 2010 inclusive. The visa processing service will re-commence on Tuesday 4 January 2010.

If you intend to travel to the UK in December 2010 or in January 2011, and require a valid UK visa, we recommend you allow 15 working days for the visa application process. See the How to apply pages on the VFS website for further information.

Information on the holiday closures of the Visa Application Centre in the Philippines can also be found on the `contact us' page of the VFS website.

Thanks to Now Mindanao for this info.

Mindanao and Dengue

The dreaded dengue disease has already claimed the lives of 62 people this year in two regions in Mindanao, reports from regional Department of Health offices claimed. 

Of the 4,932 cases recorded from January to September in Northern Mindanao (Region 10), with Cagayan de Oro City as the regional center, about 54 people have died, mostly minors, the DOH-10 report showed. 

Meanwhile, suspected dengue cases in the Caraga region (Region 13) has already reached a total of 2,001, according to the DOH Center for Health Development (CHD), through its Regional Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit. 

According to Dr. Gerna Manatad, DOH-13 CHD Regional Epidemiologist, the figure was based on admission reports from the different disease-reporting hospitals in the region from January 1 to September 9.

This is 168% higher compared to the record of the same period last year which only had 746 cases, Manatad said. 

In Cagayan de Oro City, hospital officials of state-owned Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) claimed that in some instances, two patients occupy one hospital bed due to the sudden rise of dengue cases. 

Dr. May Flor Demegillo of DOH-10 regional office confirmed the deaths 54 people, mostly minors.

For the Caraga Region, Butuan City still topped the list with 668 dengue cases, followed by Agusan del Sur (400); Surigao del Norte (209); Bislig City (162); Surigao City (152); Agusan del Norte (135); Surigao del Sur (134); Bayugan City (69); Cabadbaran City (33); Dinagat Islands (24) and Tandag City (15). 

Meanwhile, eight deaths were reported some areas in the region, such as Cabadbaran City (1); Magallanes, Agusan del Norte (1); San Francisco, Surigao del Norte (1); Surigao City (2); Del Carmen, Surigao del Norte (1); Malimono, Surigao del Norte (1); and Bayugan City (1). 

The ages of the victims ranges from two months old to 84 years old. Majority of the cases were male (52%). Forty-two percent of the cases is within the 0 to 10 age group.

Rebels shot and killed a policeman

Suspected leftist rebels shot and killed a policeman in front of a school in Compostela Valley province yesterday, police officials said.

Police Officer Judil Chavez was declared dead on arrival at a local hospital after being attacked by four armed members of the New People's Army in Maco town, Compostela Valley province, according to provincial police chief Senior Superintendent Aaron Aquino.

Aquino said the victim had just dropped off his son at an elementary school in Poblacion village when the assailants appeared and shot him several times in the head and body past 7 a.m. yesterday before fleeing onboard two motorcycles.

Singapore on Sentosa Island

 Singapore Tourism Board is banking on Universal Studios Singapore on Sentosa Island as well as additional direct flights to lure more tourists from this city.

"It now depends on airlines how to use the extra air capacity. Davao City is a good market," Lynelle Snow, area director of the Singapore Tourism Board for Philippines and Brunei, told journalists here on Wednesday.
Last year, travelers from this city comprised less than 3% of the 430,000 Filipinos who went to Singapore.
Although Ms. Snow said that’s already a sizeable number, more promotion is needed for locals to know a lot more about Singapore.

The Davao-Singapore route is served four times weekly by SilkAir, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines.
Filipinos ranked eighth in the top 10 foreign visitors to the port city-state, Ms. Snow said, and a favorite destination has been Universal Studios Singapore.

Dengue Infections

 The death toll from dengue fever in the Philippines has reached 724 since the start of the year, the Department of Health said Thursday.
The deaths, recorded from January 1 to October 30, were up nearly 50 per cent from 485 fatalities in the same period last year.
The health department also recorded a total of 119,789 cases of dengue infections, an increase of more than 140 per cent from 49,319 a year ago.
Dr Lyndon Leesuy, manager of the department's National Dengue Control Program, urged local officials to step up efforts to inform residents in their communities about how to avoid getting dengue.
'We cannot go to your houses to eliminate the breeding sites of mosquitoes or to cover your water containers where mosquitoes can breed,' he said. 'We need the support of those in communities.'
Dengue is an infectious tropical fever causing acute pain in the joints. Symptoms include loss of appetite, general weakness, nausea and vomiting.

Suspected leftist rebels snatched an ailing soldier

Suspected leftist rebels snatched an ailing soldier on his way to a regional army hospital in southern Philippines Tuesday morning, a military official said.

The abduction of Corporal Daiem Hadjaie, a Muslim, happened as the largely Catholic country declared a holiday in deference to the Islamic Festival of Eidl Adha or the Festival of Sacrifices, according to Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Saret, a local army commander.

Saret said the incident happened at 7 am when about 80 New People's Army rebels conducted a checkpoint in a village road leading to a gold-rich mountain in Monkayo town, in Mindanao's Compostela Valley province.

Mindanao Map of Dengue

The Department of Health (DoH) sounded an alarm over the significant rise in cases of dengue fever in Northern and Northeastern Mindanao, citing 10 deaths out of the 1,406 persons reportedly downed by the mosquito-borne disease.
The DoH offices in Caraga region and Region 10 were already mobilized to help community health officers stop the spread of the dreaded disease, which has taken its toll mostly on children.
The patients are currently admitted at various hospitals in the cities of Butuan, Bislig, Surigao and Cagayan de Oro.
Health authorities believed that this sudden increase of dengue cases is due to the onset of rainy season.
New Health Secretary Dr. Enrique T. Ona said last Friday that he would pay more attention to local infectious diseases, dengue in particular, after cases of this mosquito-borne disease reflected a 45.3 percent increase this year as compared with the same period last year.
It was recorded that between January 1 and June 5 this year, dengue cases have climbed to 20,161 nationwide.
Ona cited figures from the National Epidemiology Center (NEC) showing that the death toll from dengue was at least 135.
Cagayan de Oro City owned up to at least five of these deaths in the city due to the disease from January to June this year.
This record does not even include those from the provinces of Misamis Oriental, Bukidnon and Camiguin.
Health officials in Caraga and Region 10 asked the local government units (LGUs) to mobilize their respective community leaders in the massive information campaign against dengue.
In Northern Mindanao, health officials said they had reason to believe there would be more dengue cases than last month.
Cagayan de Oro City Health Officer-Designate Dr. Jerry Calingasan encouraged local communities to use their “mosquito dwellings” and “practice cleaning of their surroundings.”
To date, at least five people, mostly children, died due to dengue in hospitals in the cities of Butuan, Surigao and Bislig and provincial and community hospitals in the four provinces and three other component cities in the region.
The fatalities included two from Surigao City and one each from Cabadbaran City, Magallanes, Agusan del Norte and San Francisco, Surigao del Norte.
Based on the DoH-Caraga disease surveillance report, Butuan had the highest number of dengue cases with 432, followed by Agusan del Sur with 202 and Surigao del Norte with 126.
Surigao City had 94 cases, Agusan del Norte had 80, Surigao del Sur, 72, Bayugan City, 39, Cabadbaran City, 23, Dinagat Islands, 14, Bislig City, 13 and Tandag City, 6.
They (health authorities) said majority or 53 percent of those afflicted with the mosquito-borne disease were male and 39 percent of the cases belonged to the age group 10 and younger.
“Fighting the spread of dengue does not only belong to the DoH and health workers but everybody’s concern, especially each family member,” said DoH Region 13 Director Leonita P. Gorgolon.
Some of the prevention tips are homes, schools and government and private offices should be kept free of mosquitoes by keeping water containers closed and their breeding places clean.
LGUs and other concerned government agencies, particularly barangay leaders “must help now” in the massive information drive against the spread of dengue, said Gorgolon.

F O M Meeting This Wednesday

Meeting Update

  Richard T has reminded me ask those coming to the Wednesday meeting to bring unwanted Childrens toys,clothes, and book for our plan to distribute to the poorer children in the Agusan area.

  Thank you all in advance

Next Meeting This Wednesday

The next FOM meeeting is at the same venue at the same time on Wednesday.

If you require venue directions please contact

Davao Dengue

A total of 53 people have died due to dengue in Northern Mindanao, the regional health office said Tuesday.
The Northern Mindanao's health office said that the 53 dengue deaths were among the 4,932 cases of dengue recorded from January to August.
Dr. May Demegillo of the Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) said that because of the increasing number of cases, the hospital has been forced to put 2 patients in one hospital bed.
Demegillo, a pediatric specialist, advised parents to immediately bring their children to the hospital at the initial detection of fever.
She said that there was a patient brought to NMMC who was initially diagnosed with urinary tract infection, but it turned out that the child is afflicted with dengue.
"Hindi na by the book ang symptoms. Hindi na dapat ipagwalang-bahala," Demegillo said.
Based from the Department of Health's latest update, a total of 54,659 cases of dengue with 429 deaths have been reported nationwide as of August 14.
Dengue fever cases in the provinces continue to rise despite the Department of Health's (DOH) intensified information campaign on the disease.

In reports gathered by ABS-CBN Regional Network Groups in Northern Mindanao, Davao City and Negros Occidental, a total of 77 dengue patients have died since January up to the month of July.

The DOH's regional office in Northern Mindanao said a total of 3,307 dengue cases with 44 deaths have been recorded in the region from January to July 23 this year.

Jaime Bernadas, DOH-Northern Mindanao director, said the figure is more than 200% higher than the 858 dengue cases with 10 deaths during the first 7 months of last year.

On Tuesday, 6-year-old CJ Anasta of Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental died due to complications from the disease.

Before Anasta, dengue patient Jay-R LLena, 14, from Talisay City died last July 14.

Provincial health office records showed that a total of 10 dengue patients have died from dengue in Negros Occidental from January to July 17 of this year.

A total of 1,302 dengue cases have also been recorded in the province, which is a 193% increase compared to the 444 cases reported during the same period last year.

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte on Wednesday expressed alarm over the increase in the number of dengue cases recorded this year.

Duterte said that based data from the city health office, a total of 2,782 people have been diagnosed with dengue from Jnauary to this month. A total of 23 patients have already died.

"I'm calling on all Davao City residents to join our clean-up drive this Friday," Duterte said. -

The First Software and IT Services Exhibition and Conference

The First Software and IT Services Exhibition and Conference in Davao City dubbed as “SEx in D’ City.” This will be held on December 5 and 6, 2010, at the Event Center, SM City Davao, Ecoland, Davao City, with the theme: “Generating Passion for Software Innovation.”
The Exhibition which is expected to gather 60 exhibitors and 200 participants in the software and IT-enabled services sector is being held in conjunction with the second year of Davao Innovation Month.

More info here

Gunned down 40 victims

 A policeman who witnessed an election-related massacre of 57 people last year told a court Wednesday a former town mayor — the main suspect in the deaths — gunned down 40 victims as they pleaded for their lives.
Senior Police Officer Rainier Ebus testified he saw former Mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr., the scion of the clan that was in control of southern Maguindanao province, shoot about 40 of the 57 victims after stopping their vehicles.
Among the dead in the Nov. 23, 2009 massacre — the worst political killings in recent Philippine history — were at least 30 media workers accompanying supporters of Esmael Mangudadatu, a local politician running for governor.
His rivals from the Ampatuan clan and militiamen under their command have been charged with murder. They have pleaded innocent.
Ebus, testifying for the prosecution, said he was among police who accompanied Ampatuan and his gunmen to a village where they stopped a convoy of journalists and political supporters of Mangudadatu, who was challenging the Ampatuan clan for governorship.
Mangudadatu was not travelling in the convoy since he felt his life was in danger but sent his wife, sisters and other female relatives in the belief that women would not be harmed.
Previous witnesses have said that Ampatuan clan members, including patriarch Andal Ampatuan Sr., had plotted the killings over dinner six days before the ambush.

FOM Support

Andy P would like to  inform you the FOM support group first meeting will be held at his place in Davao at 3PM this coming Sunday the 14th.

Please RSVP  email  to  to receive a map of how to get to Andy's place.

Going Bananas

The government will help banana growers tap new foreign markets, notwithstanding Iran’s decision to lift its ban on banana imports.
"We will make sure that your bananas will not rot," Agriculture Secretary Proceso J. Alcala said in a conference held by banana industry leaders last Friday.
He said the Iran has already taken banana off the list of agricultural imports it banned last September. This could not be promptly verified with the Iranian embassy in Manila.

Tagum and the NBI

Mayor Rey Uy lashed out on agents of the regional National Bureau of Investigation office in Davao City for arresting with “ill-motive” four traffic enforcers here on Thursday.
A visibly irked Uy told reporters here Friday he would press charges against the NBI agents, whom he accused of playing favorites in making the arrest.
“Definitely it was personal, biased. It was done disrespectfully,” he said.
Willy Derecho, assistant chief of the Tagum City Traffic Management Unit said traffic officers Pacifico Bantayan Jr., Ariel Bardinas, Rodolfo Rodinas Jr. and Cyrian Vin Lenueva were manning their respective posts along the busy national highway in Barangay Magugpo Poblacion when two vehicles, a van and a pickup truck suddenly arrived past 4 p.m. Thursday.

Samal Rabies

The Island Garden City of Samal is aiming to be a rabies-free island with the concerted assistance coming from the Department of Health and the Department of Agriculture.
This is the thrust of the national rabies control program in eradicating rabies in island cities and provinces which can be easily contained owing to their geographical isolation.
"It's easier to start programs like these in the island as it is easier to contain the disease. According to IGACOS Vice-Mayor Al David Uy during a press conference held last November 5 at the Marco Polo hotel Davao which was also attended by officials from the DOH and the DA.
The local government of IGACOS has been at the forefront of anti-rabies campaign in the region. The island had the region's first dog-impoundment facility outside of Davao City which was designed to control the spread of rabies by rabid dogs.
We have enough ordinances and programs here in the island. Uy said. However the vice-mayor is hoping the city's legislature will come up with a Quarantine Code for Samal in order to check its porous border.
Among the programs include dog vaccinations and other anti-rabies health services that are brought to the city's far-flung barangays. Animal bite center facilities and corresponding budget for indigent bite victims are also provided.

Killed during a robbery in Tagum City

A Chinese national was critically wounded while his Filipino driver was killed during a robbery in Tagum City, Davao del Norte province yesterday, police said.
Huang Xiangyang, 35, is under observation by physicians at a local hospital due to several gunshot wounds in the body following the incident, which happened about 55 kilometers from Tagum City, said police chief Superintendent Giusseppe Geralde.
The victim's Filipino driver, Jomar More, died instantly during the attack, Geralde told Xinhua by phone.
The police official said that the Chinese businessman and his wife were onboard a motorized pedicab driven by More from his store in downtown Tagum on their way home in Magugpo North village past 8 p.m. when the gunmen's motorcycle pulled alongside their vehicle and opened fire using pistols.
"The suspects shot first the driver and grabbed a bag the Chinese man was holding. When they did not find any cash or valuables from the bag, the robbers then shot the trader before speeding off," Geralde said, adding that the victim's wife was apparently unharmed and called for help.
An investigation has been conducted into the incident.

Matalam Bus Bombing

 Muslim separatist rebels in the Philippines urged the government Monday to retract a statement blaming them for a deadly bus bombing, warning it could undermine peace talks set to resume this month.
Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) spokesman Von al Haq said the comments from Defence Secretary Voltaire Gazmin were meant to discredit the group ahead of the planned resumption of negotiations.
"That is a public pronouncement that tends to jeopardise the credibility of the MILF and undermine the peace talks," al Haq told AFP by phone from his base in southern Mindanao island.
"We are prepared to sit down with government, but the statement should be retracted first."
Al Haq said the MILF had filed an official protest over the allegations with a joint committee monitoring a ceasefire accord between both sides.


Various unprecedented activities have been lined up on Nov. 15-19 for the 21st foundation anniversary celebration of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) with foreign and national dignitaries led by President Aquino, former Senator Mar Roxas and the speaker of the Malaysian Parliament coming as officiating guests.
ARMM Deputy Executive Secretary Abdullah Cusain, a key member of the program steering committee, said the upcoming celebrations will be “grand yet not expensive” and distinct from commemorations in the last 20 years.
One of the highlights of the five-day celebration is the scheduled “unity meeting” of former ARMM governors Zacaria Candao, Lininding Pangandaman, Nur Misuari, Parouk Hussin and Zaldy Ampatuan, whose combined wisdom and advice Acting Regional Governor Ansaruddin Alonto-Adiong would seek in his campaign to bring the region to greater heights, Cusain said. (Ali G. Macabalang)

4th Birthday

Fom member Khris and his wife RC invited John and Adrian to celebrate the 4th birthday of their grandson.

No I was not dressed in clown outfits.

Happy Birthday Ting and David

John and Adrian from FOM, were very privileged to attend the joint birthday celebration of Ting and David at Morningside  Heights.
Ting happens to be our old landlady..happy birthday

Travel Advisory

U.S. Embassy Manila
Warden Message
November 3, 2010



The State Department warns U.S. citizens of the risks of terrorist activity in the Philippines, particularly in the southern Philippine islands of Mindanaoand the Sulu Archipelago.  Terrorist attacks could be indiscriminate and could occur not only in the southern islands but also in other areas, to includeManila.  Targeted sites may be public gathering places that are frequented by expatriates and foreign travelers, including American citizens.  Such sites could include, but are not limited to, airports, shopping malls, conference centers and other public venues.  This Travel Warning replaces the Travel Warning dated April 2, 2010, to reflect continuing threats due to terrorist and insurgent activities.

Travelers should exercise extreme caution if traveling in the central and western portions of the island of Mindanao, as well as in the islands of the Sulu Archipelago.  Regional terrorist groups have carried out bombings resulting in injuries and death.  An October 10 bus bombing in Mindanao claimed 10 lives; an investigation is underway to determine whether this was a terrorist act. Since August 2008, sporadic clashes have occurred between lawless groups and the Philippine Armed Forces in the Mindanao provinces of North Cotabato, Lanao del Sur, Lanao del Norte, and Maguindanao, as well as the Sulu Archipelago.

Remembering Ian

A year ago our founder passed away at the age of 63.

Ian Fredericks will always be remembered . RIP.

Cotabato City

COTABATO CITY, Philippines – Security forces have captured a suspected Muslim rebel bomber linked to several attacks in Mindanao, a government official said on today.
Andaman Mukidin Binago, 35, also known Danny Binago, was arrested by elements of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) yesterday at a lodging house in Davao City,  said NBI-Sarangani District Office chief Noel Morales.
Morales said today that Binago was involved in the December 12, 2004 bombing at the meat section of General Santos public market that killed 14 people and injured more than 30 others. He was also among the suspects in a bomb explosion on January 10, 2007 in front of a lotto outlet along Santiago Boulevard in General Santos that left six people dead and more than 30 people wounded.
"He (Binago) was identified by his colleague who was arrested earlier. Our records showed that he is a high ranking leader of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) special operations group and the mastermind of several bomb attacks here and the neighboring areas," Morales said.
But the suspect’s denied he has ties with the MILF, Morales added.

Villa Grande in Toril

All model houses in Villa Grande in Toril are now complete
 but is included with all 3 houses. In addition a fence/wall/gates 
 is being constructed this month around the Monte Carlo model . 
 The model houses are privately owned [ not owned by developer]

Monte Carlo is 5 bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, price of 3.988 M

 is inclusive of all granite, tiles, landscaping, fence, stone facing etc. 
There is a 10% discount for cash.  Financing is available<  with 30% down.
 Zero interest over 1 year, 17% interest over 2 years, 
19% interest over 3 or 5 years.">Both Lucernes are
 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

 Price of 1.388 M is inclusive of all marble ,tile, stone facing,

 landscaping etc. There is a 10% discount for cash.

 Financing is available with 30% down. Zero interest over 1 year,

 17% interest over 2 years, 19% interest over 3 or 5 years.

Monte Carlo 


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