Next meeting FOM meeting

Our next FOM meeting is almost here, the dates have been sent by e mail for security reasons..

Those who would like to Know the date, but are not on the mailing list please contact

The meeting will be chaired by Steve, and I will also be there in the audience.

THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT MEETING as with changes being made it is VITAL to have an INPUT from the people that MATTER. THAT'S YOU.

The venue is still

.Gardena Fresca
Garden Pond and Grill
#114 Morales Compound, Morales Village, Matina, Davao City
Tel. 297-4628, 301-6842 


Yahoo Group

Leon has started a new Yahoo group related to the Friends Of Mindanao, and this is now in operation along side this site.
So for a chatty time, and for Mindanao related conversations, why not join the group.

Meeting minutes from FOM 18 August 2010

- Intro of new people. Marcus from New Zealand.
-Sept meetings are on the 1st, 15th of Sept.
- Dinner out for Sept will be at Bigsby’s. Emails will follow, please get your email to John or Steve.

- Good meeting today, 32 people attended.

- Asked FOM members about a field trip with Gwad Kalinga. Andy P also spoke about the organization and their goals. We can contact Sally and Rene for a possible date and time to go to the farm village. Early morning departure and early afternoon return would work best for most members. 15-20 interested in attending. Security was big question.

- Joke teller today was Bob H. Next meeting joke teller will be Pat D.

- No raffle this week, we will pick it back up next week so bring your pesos.

-Guest speaker, Andy P talked about the origins of the FOM and where he would like to see it go from here.

- Ken S, Steve B and Andy P have volunteered to co-chair meetings. We are still looking for others to help us keep the FOM on track and running strong. Someone mention a shared co-chair set-up. Good idea, I think.

- Adjourned for socializing 

Tourism Office in the Philippines

THE Macau Government Tourism Office in the Philippines has called on the airline industry and the government to pursue the proposed direct flight between Davao City and Macau.
Narzalina Z. Lim, general manager of the office, said that the route will not only boost the Macau market but will also allow Davao City to corner the influx of tourists from Macau that are coming to the Philippines.
“Macau tourists like to frolic in beaches and you have beautiful beaches here. Those in the (Island Garden City of) Samal and other areas of Davao Region are known for beautiful beaches,” said Lim.
She said her office and the other tourism industry stakeholders in the Davao Region will join hands in convincing the airline industry to service the Davao City-Macau route as she was informed that the”administration of President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III is pursuing the possibility of implementing an open skies policy, or the liberalization of the airline industry.”

During the promotional campaign of the Macau office in the city last week, Lim said she hopes the national government will implement the policy sooner so that negotiations for the implementation of the route will immediately take place.
More from Mindanao Times

Next meeting 18th August

Just a reminder that Steve will be taking our next meeting on Wednesday at 9am.
Our guest speaker is Andy Powell
.Gardena Fresca
Garden Pond and Grill
#114 Morales Compound, Morales Village, Matina, Davao City
Tel. 297-4628, 301-6842 

Steve talks about the Thai meal from a couple of weeks ago.

"We had a good time at Krau Thai, but the service faltered and some of the food did not even come, so some unhappy folks.
We will try again next month.
Maybe Bigsby's just around the corner. We all met for beers, drinks and coffee after dinner at Bigsby's and everyone seemed to think it a good idea.
Here are some photos of dinner at Krua Thai. Nice turn out, 26 people came out to join us. We talked and laughed a lot."

Kadayawan 2010 Schedule of Activities

Engr. Manuel A. Medros 2nd Solo Art Exhibit for Painting
August 11,- September 11, 2010
Venue: Museo Dabawenyo
Agri-Trade Fair
August 13-30, 2010
Venue: SM City
A trade fair participated by farers, plant growers, handicraft producers and manufacturers.
August 16-22, 6-8 PM
Venue: Peoples’ Park
The converging of the Ata Manobo, Ubo Manobo, K’lata, Tagabawa, Matigsalog, Maranao, Maguindanao, Tausug, Sama and Kalagan tribes, celebrating thanksgiving of their oneness with the earth through performances, culinary fiesta and age-old craftsmanship integrated in a program that showcases their strength as diverse peoples of Davao.
Fair Trade Opening
August 16-22, 2010
Venue: Sanguniang Panlungsod Lobby
A bazaar of proudly Davao-made goods produced and manufactured by organizations that encourages entrepreneurship and empowerment participated by the women of Davao City.
Festival Opening
August 20, 2010
Venue: Rizal Park
The official launch of the 25th Kadayawan Festival highlighted by performances of the different tribes of Davao City.
August 20-22, 5:00 PM-2 AM
Venue: Bolton Street (Beside Sanguniang Panlungsod)
An evening street event that features music and food. A street festival, Davao-style.
Hiyas sa Kadayawan
August 20, 2010, 8 PM
Venue: Almendras Gym,
Search for the Kadayawan symbol, the indigenous lass who is knowledgeable of her indigenous culture and wisdom through a pageantry of Mindanaoan myths and legends.
Indak indak sa Kadalanan
August 21. 2010, 8 AM
Venue: Major thoroughfares of the city
The Indak Indak sa Kadalanan or the street dancing parade showcases the different colors, cultures and traditional dances of the different tribes of Davao and Mindanao.
Pamulak Floral Float Parade
August 22, 8 AM
Venue: Major thoroughfares of the city
The grand finale of the Kadayawan Festival, the Pamulak is a mobile display of the blooming of flowers and ripening of fruits in creatively decorated floats on parade, showcasing the abundance of vegetation in the Davao Region.

Thai Meal

Thanks to everyone who attended the Thai Meal this last weekend. These pictures are by courtesy of Janice Jones.

A big thanks to Steve for organising the event.

Asian Bird Fair

U.K. Government

UK. citizens are advised against all but essential travel in the Philippines after an attack at an airport that killed two people, the U.K. government said.

London issued a travel advisory Friday for the Philippines after an explosion at Zamboanga airport killed two people Thursday and left another 24 injured.

"There is ongoing terrorist and insurgent activity in the Philippines," the warning from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office read. "We advise against all travel to southwest Mindanao and the Sulu archipelago, and against all but essential travel to the remainder of Mindanao."

Three bedroom house for sale

FOM member is selling his house in Toril , Davao.

P3.2 Million Three Bedroom,Two bathroom,Single storey.

For more details please contact Terry

Sixty plus

Today's meeting I think was 60 people plus, wow that's a record and thanks to everyone for coming.

Welcome back To Andy Powell, and thanks for to everyone for making the Friends of Mindanao the best.

Quick reminder that the THAI MEAL is this Saturday at 7pm

 Krua Thai Restaurant on F. Torres St.   

The meeting today had the first presentation from Gwad Kalinga, 

Thanks to Sally and Rene for explaining how the organisation helps the poor to help themselves, and is not a "hand out", but moreover a training to help themselves long term.

Maybe as an organisation we can arrange a field visit in the near future?
Want to know more about the organisation contact Rene Rieta

Our second preservation on health insurance from Bong on behalf of Caritas Health Shield , Inc.  

Our big thanks to Ms Charito Aranda who will act as an agent if you require more information.
Email her at, and our good friend James Llames from the PRA for all his help too.

Also we had handed out details of One World Travel Express

It was a big turnout, and we covered so much, but we made new friends too.

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