Meeting Wed Aug 4th

This video is from an organisation called Gwad Kalinga, that tries to help the poor, not just by money, but self help and   more.  To find out more of what happens they have kindly agreed to do a short talk this Wednesday at our FOM meeting.

We are also hoping to have another talk about healthcare for expats, although this has not yet been finalised. 

So as normal be there at 9am, bring a cake too.

Gardena Fresca
Garden Pond and Grill
#114 Morales Compound, Morales Village, Matina, Davao City
Tel. 297-4628, 301-6842 

Davao City Traffic Signalization Project

Designed as the nerve center of the P704-million Davao City Traffic Signalization Project, a state-of-the-art Traffic Monitoring Center was finally inaugurated yesterday graced by top local officials led by Mayor Sarah Duterte.
It is housed in the newly-completed Public Safety Command Center building which integrates traffic management with the Central 911 units of the city.
Part of third phase of the massive traffic engineering project, the monitoring center will control the 17 CCTV cameras installed in the 16 main thoroughfares of the City. The high-tech cameras will feature 35x zoom capabilities which provide clear visuals even in low-light conditions.

Dinner-out for Friends of Mindanao

 An Evening out with good food, great conversation and laughter with friends, Bring a guest or several.

    *Are you an expat living in Davao and not a   member of FOM, come anyway, we'd love to meet you!
Where:      Krua Thai Restaurant on F. Torres St.,                              near the corner of Jacinto St.,
When:       Saturday evening, the                7th of August @ 7pm.

            *Please send your RSVP to Steve Baker @ . I have made reservations for 30, so please let me know your coming and how many in your group so I can adjust that number if necessary.

Tagum killings

TAGUM CITY, Davao del Norte – Two soldiers were killed and several missing when government troops clashed with suspected New People’s Army rebels in New Corella town, Davao del Norte, before noon Tuesday, according to information received by a local official here.

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This Weeks Meeting

- Meeting started with intro of new people! Welcome to Scott Allen and his lovely wife. Scott is our token *Johnny Reb and hails from Harlan County, Kentucky.

          * (Johnny Reb, or a Rebel, was the slang term for any Confederate soldier during the American Civil War. His counterpart in the Union Army was Billy Yank or a Yankee.)

- Dinner out for August will be at Krua Thai Restaurant, on F. Torres St., corner of Jacinto St., Saturday night the 7th of August @ 7pm. Please send your *RSVP to Steve Baker @ . I have made reservations for 30, so please RSVP so I can adjust that number if necessary. 

You can look at info about Krua Thai Restaurant at: THAI

          * (R.S.V.P. stands for a French phrase, "répondez, s'il vous plaît," which means "please reply." The person sending the invitation wo uld like you to tell him whether you accept or decline the invitation. That is, will you be coming to the event or not?)

- Read July happenings and August Independence days. August Dinner Out will be celebration of half the countries of the world’s Independence from Great Britain.  Ha…ha!
- Joke teller today was Tim. Next week will be our newbie, Scott Allen.
- Raffle and break (Thanks to Reg and Liz for keeping this going so well).
- Paul reports Ma-a Jail WILL allow the garden tools in, so, purchase is moving forward. Maximum spent is $1000 Pesos as voted on by membership.
- Friends of Mindanao donated toward a Ma-a Jail Inmates doctor bills. Thank you folks! I know that this goes against our founder’s original charter, but under the circumstances, it was a very kind gesture.       
- Does anyone have suggestions for a trip next month (August/September). Contact John Grant with any suggestions. Contact Leon and Vienna (or Steve Baker @ for info on Lake Sebu trip.
- Richard volunteered to speak next meeting. Thank you Richard!
- Adjourned for socializing / reminder for all to pay for food. We are seeing some small improvements in the menu, so eat up and enjoy. Pancit was served today. Kuya Jo-Jo is working to improve services for us.
 Note; The following are only recommendations from members that have had good experiences at these facilities and are in no way endorsed by Friends of Mindanao (FOM).
          -- I received a recommendation to Davao Medical Foundation School/ Hospital, near Victoria Plaza, for your future medical needs from one of our members. Check them our at:    
          -- I got a received to Alexian Brothers Hospital, Davao City, in the Matina area, for your future medical needs from one of our members. Check them our at:  Hospital


DIGOS CITY, Philippines – Police intelligence agents arrested on Thursday three personnel of the police’s Traffic Management Group after they were caught allegedly in the act of extorting money from motorists in Hagonoy, Davao del Sur, the provincial police chief confirmed Friday

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Southern Mindanao’s Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board on Thursday terminated its hearings on petitions for wage increase in the region.
Among those the board heard was a proposal of the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines for a P75 across-the-board wage increase, according to wage board member Virginia Camus.

The Department of Health sent a team from the National Epidemiology Center (NEC) to Digos City, Davao del Sur to validate the 253 dengue cases with 10 deaths reported in the media last July 8. The news report also said that Digos City Mayor Joseph Peñas declared a state of calamity. Barangay Tres de Mayo had the most (23%) cases.

Happy Birthday Adrian

Our next meeting

Our next meeting will be 9am Wednesday July 21st at
Gardena Fresca
Garden Pond and Grill
#114 Morales Compound, Morales Village, Matina, Davao City
Tel. 297-4628, 301-6842 

Davao Dengue

 Davao del Sur officials are trying to find ways–even setting aside politics—to defeat an enemy that has killed two children in July alone is good news.

But the sad thing is dengue continues to sweep across the province, downing one child after another.

On Friday alone, Pedro Roa, a barangay chairman in Digos City, escorted 30 villagers to the city health office for examination after they manifested dengue fever symptoms.

Dr. Milagros Sunga, city health officer, said it was the largest number so far of suspected dengue patients from a single area in a day.

Results are usually known in two to three days from the onset of the fever.
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This week at Jacks Ridge

Great views, great friends,good food at Jacks ridge here in Davao City

Robert Longwood

American fugitive wanted in the US for several crimes has been arrested by agents of the National Bureau of Investigation in Davao City.
NBI agents rushed Robert Longwood to the Southern Philippines Medical Center after the suspect tried to kill himself. He was later transferred to the Davao Doctors Hospital for treatment.

Trip to Matalam

This past weekend, myself and a few friends went to Matalam, in North Cotabato, here on Mindanao Island.
We went to visit our friend Bing and her family, Bing being the partner of the man that created the group Friends Of Mindanao, Ian Fredericks who died last year at the age of 64.

We met Ian's son Josh who is now five years old.

Enjoy the pictures.

US passport services

Uncle Sam is picking the pockets of overseas Americans yet again, and this time wants much higher fees for many different Consular Services.
For the first time they are now adding a fee of $450 for renunciation of U.S. Citizenship! And the charge for providing a seal and certification for a legal document leaps from $70 to $450!!

By Kitty Bean Yancey, USA TODAY, 30 June 2010.
 will cost more starting July 13.
Get that expiring passport renewed quickly: Charges for U.S. passports and visas for foreigners will rise July 13, the U.S. Department of State says.
That means the cost of a passport for an adult will go from $100 to $135, including a $25 administrative fee. Those under 16 will pay $105 with the fee, up from $85 now.
Passport cards, which can be used by Americans traveling by land or sea on trips to the non-U.S. parts of the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico will cost more, too. The new scale is $55 for an adult, up from $45; $40 for a minor, up from $35.
A complete list of the new fees is shown below.
A State Department news release says the higher fees stem from a study of how much it costs the Bureau of Consular Affairs to provide services and that the new fee scale will "cover actual operating expenses for the 301 overseas consular posts, 23 domestic passport agencies and other centers that provide these consular services to U.S. and foreign citizens."
Frequent travelers will also be hit by a new charge of $82 to add more pages to an existing passport for visas and stamps by immigration officers.
Meanwhile, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency (CPB) has issued a "know before you go" advisory for those traveling to Canada and back this week. It's a big travel time for the two countries, with Canada Day on Thursday and Fourth of July Sunday. U.S. citizens under 16 need only a birth certificate when traveling by land or sea; adults, a passport, a passport card, enhanced driver's license or membership in a "trusted traveler" program. For more info, see the CPB website.
What if you lose or forget the required documents and try to get back into the USA ? (That's always been a fear of mine.) You won't be turned away if your citizenship or legal residency can be established, says CPB spokeswoman Joanne Ferreira. You usually just wait longer while your identity is checked.
New Consular Fees in Effect on July 13, 2010
On June 28, 2010, the Department of State published its Schedule of Fees for Consular Services in the Federal Register.  The schedule includes fees for passports,immigrant visas and other consular services. The changes will take effect on July 13, 15 days after publication in the Federal Register. The revised fees will cover actual operating expenses for the 301 overseas consular posts, 23 domestic passport agencies and other centers that provide these consular services to U.S. and foreign citizens.
The 27 adjusted fees are based on a Cost of Service Study completed by the Bureau of Consular Affairs in June 2009.  The study, which was the most detailed and exhaustive ever conducted by the Department of State, established the true cost of providing these consular services, which by law must be recovered through collection of fees.
Under the new fee schedule, passport and other Consular fees are set as follows:
CURRENT FEENEW FEE Non-Immigrant Visa Fees* Nonimmigrant visa application$ 131.00$ 140.00           1.   H, L, O, P and R categories$ 131.00$ 150.00           2.   E Visas$ 131.00$ 390.00           3.   K Visa$ 131.00$ 350.00           4.   BCC Adult$ 131.00$ 140.00 Immigrant Visa Fees IV Application Processing Fee

          1.   Family-based immigrant visa$ 355.00$ 330.00 
          2.   Employment-based immigrant visa$ 355.00$ 720.00 
          3.   Other immigrant visas (SIVs, DVs, etc.)$ 355.00$ 305.00 IV Security Surcharge$   45.00$   74.00 Diversity Visa Lottery surcharge$  375.00$ 440.00 Domestic review of Affidavit of Support$    70.00$   88.00 Determining Returning Resident Status$  400.00$ 380.00 Passport Fees Passport Book - adult$ 100.00**$ 135.00** Passport Book - minor$  85.00**$ 105.00** Passport Book Renewal - Adult$ 75.00 $ 110.00 Additional passport visa pages-$  82.00 Passport Card - Adult$  45.00**$  55.00** Passport Card - Child$  35.00**$  40.00** Consular Report of Birth Abroad$  65.00$  100.00 Renunciation of U.S. Citizenship-$  450.00 File Search and Verification of U.S. Citizenship$  60.00$  150.00 Overseas Citizens Services Disposition/Shipment of Remains of a non-U.S. Citizen$265.00 + expenses$200.00 + expenses Documentary Services Notarials, Certifications of True Copies, Authentications, provision of Department of State records$ 30.00 (first),
20.00 (addt'l)$ 50.00 Judicial Services Processing Letters Rogatory & FSIA$ 735.00$ 2,275.00 Taking Depositions or Executing Commissions:

1.   Scheduling/Arranging Depositions$ 475.00$ 1,283.00 2.   Attending or Taking Depositions$ 265.00/hr + expenses$ 309.00/hr + expenses 3.   Swearing in Witnesses$ 265.00/hr + expenses$ 231.00/hr + expenses 4.   Supervising Telephone Depositions$ 265.00/hr + expenses$ 231.00/hr + expenses 5.   Providing Seal and Certification$ 70.00$ 415.00 Administrative Services Consular Time Charges (per hour)$ 265.00$ 231.00
*New NIV fees were instituted June 4, 2010.**This includes a $25 Execution fee not retained by Department of State.

Warden for Cagayan de Oro

This notice is to inform all British Citizens that I have been appointed Community Warden for Cagayan de Oro and its environs Northern Mindanao.

I am available to assist any BC on how or where to obtain advice on any issue regarding living in our region. Please do not hesitate to contact me off group should you require to do so. I would appreciate not posting any questions concerning this notice on the group site.
Kind regards.

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