Foundation Day Matalam

You may recall a few weeks ago I was at the Matlam Foundation Day.

Here are a few more pictures of that splendid event

Question from Steve Moore

Can you put a question on the FOM site and ask where expats buy their medications here? My question has to due with TRUST. Can I trust the generic drugs I buy? Mercury drug has a good reputation and come recommended by my Cardiologist, so I trust them to sell me the real McCoy. There's a drugstore called The Generics Pharmacy and I don't know if I can trust them or not. I've compared a few prices and they are better priced, but are they trustworthy? Just putting out feelers to see who uses what and to get any good or bad experiences expats have already had.
Knowledge is power!


The day out is still on tomorrow at Samal, 10 am at SASA port

A little bit of confusion caused by myself and Louis being sick and absent from the last meeting.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and ENJOY

Next meeting Wednedsday 3rd Feb

Our next meeting will be 9am on Wednesday 3rd February at our new trial venue.

Gardena Fresca
Garden Pond and Grill
#114 Morales Compound, Morales Village, Matina, Davao City
Tel. 297-4628, 301-6842

Al Barnett will be having a short talk on micro business and how some of the red tape can be cut.

His talk will start 9am sharp, as he will have to leave to attend another meeting.

We also need to discuss some future visits around Mindanao, and organise the social evenings too.

So am hoping for a good turn out, and if my voice holds up I will be the chair on the day. But no shouting at me.

If you have any spare clothes, than bring them to as I will take them to the boys school in Panacan.

Paul Salavage will have a draft flyer to show you, if you wish yo have a FREE ad on the flyer than please bring your artwork and copy for us to have a look at.

See you Wednesday 3rd.

Street Parade Matalam

Wood for sale

I recently did a small consulting job for a NZ timber company who supply decking and framing timbers to the Davao area. There was a disagreement about some of the decking and the NZ company has asked me to withdraw it from the outlet and dispose of it. The timber has been treated against termites, ants and decay fungi and has a 40 year life guarantee. That's a lot longer than I will be around I suspect! It is structurally sound and is very suitable for decking, roof trusses, outdoor furniture such as chairs, tables etc and re sawn would be perfect for wall framing ensuring a long service life.

If anyone is doing some renovations and or you are planning to include a deck or even a solid timber wall on the windward side this material will be great for that purpose.There are 222 lengths of decking and it is priced at a 50% discount. It normally retails at 779 per 2.4 meter length so this stuff is going at 366 per length. The dimensions are 140x32x2.4. The photo will give you an idea what the timber looks like.

If anyone has an interest in this for your building work (particularly in damp areas) just give me an email.

FOM in the garden

Our last meeting was held at

Garden Fresca, Matina Davao City

The new venue looked great, and poor Louis was to be the chairman, but measles put a stop to that.

So myself, John Grant,was the stand in chair person, but a breathing difficulty and a day in the hospital prevented me from attending.

An Al the guest speaker, had an emergency order for his Diner.

Not a good start to the meeting.
So a big thank you to Tim for taking over at such a short notice, and we will report on the items mentioned at the meeting as soon as they are available to me.

Need your help

John is looking for help on Monday or Tuesday as he is moving home, which consists of no furniture but just boxes and bags.

Moving from Bajada to Bajada a five min drive at most

Is anyone available to assist with transportation??

Contact John


House for sale in Davao City

Ed is selling his great house here in Davao City.

Our house is located in Lanang, Davao City. In the Lizada Subdivision, about 500 meters from Watererfront Insular Hotel. Ten minutes to the Davao International Airport, and

walking distance to the Peal Farm Pier and Davao Beach Club Beach for those afternoon BBQ’s

This is a 2 story house,on a 860 meter lot,with stand alone Laundry room with washer and dryer.

There is also a 15 x 15 ft sq. maids quarters and separate shower and toilet next to the Main house also stand alone. House is walled on three sides with a Beautiful Fence and gate and circle driveway


The property was raised one meter at time of construction. House has a Master bedroom with a 17′x20′ loft that look out

over Living room,and Dining room. A Central Air conditioner (3 ton) will cool house in less than 2 hours! A separate small window air con in master bedroom. Lots of fans

.House is well lit inside and out.

A Beautiful Chandelier hangs from the almost 20 foot Cathedral Ceiling. House has 2 kitchens, one is in side house with a 5 burner stove in counter and a chest high built-in (40") oven with rotisserie.

Also in the Kitchen is a 25 cu.ft.

double door Refrigerator with Ice and Water in the door and a filter system for both.Wonderful drinking Water!! Outside and yet attached,covered,and screened is 2sd, Kitchen. 17′x22 ‘ long with 2 exits. A regular sink and

also a deep sink. Lots of Cabinet space,along with an additional stove,and Microwave oven. Fan is also in ceiling.

Entire house and Wet Kitchen,

which is never wet,is wired with 110 and 220 so all appliances and toys can work with out any mini transformers are not needed!! We installed a Large 10,000 kw transformer on telephone pole. There is also a 3500 Watt

Generator on stand by for emergencies when the power from Davao Power and Light is temporarily unavailable.. We also have a 500 Gallon backup water tank.

Outside yard is large enough to build additional apartments if so desired, if not Beautiful landscaping throughout and growing Apple Mangoes,Bananas, Dwarf Coconuts Trees, Avocados,Papayas and many different kinds of Palms and flowers.Lots of shade trees.

All Furniture, including Custom made Rattan Dining room and Living room furniture,all fans,TV’s, dishes, pots and pans, Washer and Dryer, Refrigerator, Microwave , Toaster oven, Beds, and generator, EVERYTHING !! (Except personal items and clothes)

Ready to move in!!! 5 .5Million Pesos and we have all the papers and taxes are up to date..

Ed O’Brien

contact Ed via

Next meeting on Wednesday 20th

Our meeting next week has a change of venue, just for that day.

Details of venue are below.

At this coming meeting we will be talking about our jolly day out at Paradise Island.

We will be having Al Barnett, who will be talking about his vast experience in the micro business here in the Philippines.
We would like you to bring any clothes with you that may be suitable for the pupils of the boys school in Panacan.

We will be discussing our next jolly day out too, so have your thoughts ready on what you would like to do.
If you have accommodation you want to put up on the site bring the details with you.

Louis will be the chair person and Reg will be making us rich with his raffle, I hope.
So make sure you arrive at our new venue prompt at 9am start.

This from Paul Fuller.
Hi John
Me and Grace spoke with Jojo the owner of Gardena Fresca and he is happy to have the Friends of Mindanao group at his establishment. I explained that our previous venues had either closed down or were inconvenient through lack of parking and other management reasons.

He is offering brewed coffee with a bun or cup cake at 70 pesos per head with cold drinks etc as required. His staff who start at 8am could possibly prepare light meals if requested.

There was not a breakfast menu that I was aware of but Jojo will gauge the interest in that and adapt if needed. I indicated our first visit on the 20th will be a trial one and we can decide if the group like it and want to make it their base for a few months.
I emphasis that the group meet at 8.30 am till 11am to have group talks. I added that often there is a speaker and that we do not want to compete with a sound system playing loud music. He agreed to that.

How to get there?

The Buffet Palace in Matina is the best landmark to start with. On the opposite side of the road heading towards NCCC mall is a Jetti Petrol Station which is on the corner of Morales Village Road. Proceed along Morales Road to the end (about 200 meters) and the car park entrance is on the right.

Gardena Fresca
Garden Pond and Grill
Morales Village, Matina, Davao City
Landline: 297-4628, 301-6842
Mobile: 0929-3908884 (Mr. Jojo B. Sevilla)

Christmas at Agdao

Bruce has a nice story on his site AMERICAN IN DAVAO

As I have written in past articles, we have developed a friendship with the young children at the Agdao Public Market. Most of these children go to public school, but on weekends work at the market selling little bags of Calamansi and assist shoppers carrying their purchases. The money they earn is used for their lunches and cost of school projects. Many of these children might miss meals during the week since their parents can barely support a family. full article

Matalam Foundation Day

Over the Christmas break I was invited to Matlam for the Foundation Day.

True to say that Matalam is a very sleepy provincial place in North Cotababto, but on this week thousands of people attended the 48TH FOUNDATION DAY, and a host of special events took place, including a dancing tribal competition, of which I was very proud to be a co judge.

The pictures show the beauty of the costumes and the beauty of the people, and I hope to have some video in the next week or so to show what fantastic day it was.


More from Matalam

Here are a few more pics from Matalam Foundation Day


Welcome to 2010!!

I hope that the hangovers have been fully recovered from,and that the huge intake of food has calmed down.

Our next meeting at the same venue is on this coming Wednesday Jan 6th at 9am at Bryan's Grill/La Piscine, the same venue as before.

We will be covering the following points. AND MORE

Dennis from the boys school is coming to say thank you for the gifts and support for the Panacan School

Vienna will be presenting her first talk on Tourism in our Mindanao.

Discussion on forthcoming trips.

Accommodation offers from members

Details about the on line magazine

So tell your friends and bring them along too, as the group thrives on people like you!!!

The FOM Christmas Party

Thanks to Liz Newport for the pictures, and thanks to all for attending. Thank you.

Don't forget our next meeting is Jan 6th..without hangovers

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