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Friends of Mindanao

December 15th, 2010 meeting minutes

- Steve B. opened meeting and Richard T. closed meeting.

1. The question was asked by several members…. “Who is the Chairman of Friends of Mindanao?”
Answer; “Steve B. is the Chairman.”

2. Set calendar for next meeting, 5 January 2011. This will put us on our proper rotation of 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. Richard T. agreed to M.C. and the group agrees to provide a different M.C. each meeting to assist Steve B.

3. Book exchange works well. Suggested a DVD exchange might be fun. Please bring this to 4 January meeting for discussion on how it will work.
-- Bring them just as we do the books and exchange?
-- Start on Jan 5th?
-- Bring your DVD’s for trade.

4. The Christmas party was a success. A big thanks too Andy and Pops for the wonderful meal and allowing us into their home. Thanks to Rose and Malcolm for the fun and the gifts.

5. Short break and Raffle. Congratulations to Al and Robz for winning the raffle this meeting!

6. Paul F. spoke of the upcoming show at the Davao prison. He has tickets for sale at 200 pesos each. Show is at 5pm on 30th December please contact him for tickets and further details.

7. New trips for the spring. Take a trip to Samal for swimming? Visit Eden Park? The Philippine Eagle preserve? The BatCaves and Higimit waterfalls?  A boat trip! Bring your suggestions to 5 Jan meeting.

8. Speakers? I’m (Steve B.) not a big advocate of business in the Philippines and do not have friends in high places. Please help find future speakers that we can bring to FOM.
-- Reg and Liz N. have a speaker for 5 Jan meeting.

9. Proposal from Leon R. that we form a cricket team for fun & games. This idea was widely supported by the FOM group. Leon will collect names and take this forward at next meeting.

10. No joke of the day this meeting. Please bring your funniest  (clean) joke to the next meeting.

- Meeting was adjourned.

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