Samal Rabies

The Island Garden City of Samal is aiming to be a rabies-free island with the concerted assistance coming from the Department of Health and the Department of Agriculture.
This is the thrust of the national rabies control program in eradicating rabies in island cities and provinces which can be easily contained owing to their geographical isolation.
"It's easier to start programs like these in the island as it is easier to contain the disease. According to IGACOS Vice-Mayor Al David Uy during a press conference held last November 5 at the Marco Polo hotel Davao which was also attended by officials from the DOH and the DA.
The local government of IGACOS has been at the forefront of anti-rabies campaign in the region. The island had the region's first dog-impoundment facility outside of Davao City which was designed to control the spread of rabies by rabid dogs.
We have enough ordinances and programs here in the island. Uy said. However the vice-mayor is hoping the city's legislature will come up with a Quarantine Code for Samal in order to check its porous border.
Among the programs include dog vaccinations and other anti-rabies health services that are brought to the city's far-flung barangays. Animal bite center facilities and corresponding budget for indigent bite victims are also provided.

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