Killed during a robbery in Tagum City

A Chinese national was critically wounded while his Filipino driver was killed during a robbery in Tagum City, Davao del Norte province yesterday, police said.
Huang Xiangyang, 35, is under observation by physicians at a local hospital due to several gunshot wounds in the body following the incident, which happened about 55 kilometers from Tagum City, said police chief Superintendent Giusseppe Geralde.
The victim's Filipino driver, Jomar More, died instantly during the attack, Geralde told Xinhua by phone.
The police official said that the Chinese businessman and his wife were onboard a motorized pedicab driven by More from his store in downtown Tagum on their way home in Magugpo North village past 8 p.m. when the gunmen's motorcycle pulled alongside their vehicle and opened fire using pistols.
"The suspects shot first the driver and grabbed a bag the Chinese man was holding. When they did not find any cash or valuables from the bag, the robbers then shot the trader before speeding off," Geralde said, adding that the victim's wife was apparently unharmed and called for help.
An investigation has been conducted into the incident.

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