Our Meeting This Week

- Intro new members. Welcome!

- Book exchange

- Discussed the agenda for the end of 2010 and agreed to some meeting changes. Info will be email to members.

- Joke teller today is Bob H. (very funny stuff)
- Ken lead us in an impromptu rendition of the singing of the Philippines National Anthem. Thanks Ken, that was fun!

- If you have not tried Bogser’s Pub at Times Beach, you’re missing a good time at a great location.

- Adjourned for socializing

- A comment from the Chairman, “What a great bunch of people we have! I am so pleased with the open and friendly nature of our members. Thank you all for your participation and for being such a positive influence on the community around us. The Friends of Mindanao is growing and I believe that YOU are the reason we are growing!” 
Steve B.

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