30-kilometer per hour speed limit

 From  News Today

Two weeks ago Davao City Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte imposed a 30-kilometer per hour speed limit in Davao City’s streets to teach drivers a lesson with the recent spate of road kills. Days earlier, 10 people including a pregnant woman died in a jeepney accident. Duterte met with transport groups, imposed new speed limits and warned that violators will be pushed to the wall.
“You asked for it,” Duterte fumed.

Duterte thinks reducing the speed limits would force drivers to be more safety-conscious and reduce road deaths. So 30 kilometers per hour it is – whether driving during rush hour or past midnight when roads are deserted. Traffic policemen are positioned obviously or inconspicuously to monitor car speeds and arrest offenders. So far, locals have been complying as cars breeze down the city’s streets almost at the pace of a funeral cortege.

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