Next Meeting 15th Sept

- Intro members
-If you have not tried the  Bogsers club at Times Beach, your missing a good time at a great location. Wednesday nights at 7PM.

- Dinner out is Friday night the 24th Sept at 7 pm at Bigsby’s, located at the corner of Jacinto Blvd and F. Torres St. (just tell the taxi driver Bo’s Coffee shop at the corner of Jacinto St. and F. Torres St.; Parking is down F. Torres St. just beyond Krua Thai restaurant.)

Not confirmed - Guest speaker, Rene Rieta of Gawad Kalinga. Tell us more about Gawad Kalinga’s project at the Pueblo Antonio farm village in Catigan.  We plan to visit in November.

- Raffle and break. Thanks to Reg and Liz for keeping the raffle going strong.

Confirmed - Speaker on Investments, Property, Insurance (20 minutes) (Andy Powell)

- Joke teller today is Tim Walker.

- Adjourn for socializing / reminder for all to pay for food.

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