FOM Meeting Minutes for 1 Sept, 2010

 - Introduction of members. Welcome to Len T. and his lovely Fiancée.

- We will meet at Bigsby’s this month for our September “Dinner out”. Bigsby’s is located at the corner of Jacinto Blvd and F. Torres St. (just tell the taxi driver Bo’s Coffee shop at the corner of Jacinto St. and F. Torres St.; Parking is down F. Torres St. just beyond Krua Thai restaurant.)
More information will be emailed to you, so please get your email address to Steve B. at

Tim Stewart of Impact Nations talked to us about his organization and the “biosand” filters they produce. Great project, lots of questions and Tim had the answers. I believe this product is very worthy of our attention.
Note: I told my wife about the filters and she was very interested to see one already installed and working.  My wife mentioned that we can buy one for her grandmother’s farm. I’ll be contacting Tim soon to see what we can do. We may need Tim to come back and talk to us again, maybe at a special “Biosand Filters” meeting. 

The Raffle has brought a bit of money into our treasury. Thanks to Reg and Liz for making the raffle a success.

-Thanks to Bob H. for our joke today, Bob selected our joke teller for next month.

- We are looking into going to see a Gawad Kalinga farm near Catigan. We will look at November as a time to go. More info to come on this.

-John G. spoke to us about the future of FOM and Steve B. has accepted the Chairman’s position for now. Please give Steve B. your support and help keep the FOM going strong.

- Andy P. has volunteered to keep the Friends of Mindanao blog site going. The site is very important to FOM because most new people, who come to us, do so because they liked what they saw on our site.

- We look forward to new guest speakers in the coming meetings.

- Malcolm and Rose will have a Farm Dedication and Malcolm’s birthday Party . If you don’t know Malcolm and Rose, please come and meet them. Please email Steve B. for more information and directions at .

1 comment:

Len said...

Both Nora and I enjoyed the meeting and also having a chance to talk to others.

We'll be there for the next one....

Len & Nora

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