Farm Trip

Mr. Larry S. is a farmer whose specialty is Bio-culture and Hydroponics. He had some interesting secrets to reveal on the theory & benefits of his practices and how it enhances his crops and avoids soil borne pests & problems.
          -- We are planning a trip to visit Larry’s farm and possibly buy some fresh produce. Contact if interested in going.

The date has been set, so please contact Steve B. It has been suggested by a member that he will have a caterer friend prepare us sack lunchs and everyone pays for there lunch. Larry (the farmer) strongly suggested that we arrange a packed lunch to take with us for convenience as he is not so close to the suggested Seagull Resort. John C's wifeBing is a professional caterer & she would be happy to put together 20 or so lunches.
I'll get a suggested lunch menu as soon as possible, so give me your input and if the lunchs interest you, how many lunchs you would need.
We will need a few people to drive and split fuel costs. Andy has a friend with a multicab, good for 7 plus a driver (Possibly John C.).
Who can drive and if you want to do sack lunchs. Let me know ASAP.

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