Meeting minutes from FOM 18 August 2010

- Intro of new people. Marcus from New Zealand.
-Sept meetings are on the 1st, 15th of Sept.
- Dinner out for Sept will be at Bigsby’s. Emails will follow, please get your email to John or Steve.

- Good meeting today, 32 people attended.

- Asked FOM members about a field trip with Gwad Kalinga. Andy P also spoke about the organization and their goals. We can contact Sally and Rene for a possible date and time to go to the farm village. Early morning departure and early afternoon return would work best for most members. 15-20 interested in attending. Security was big question.

- Joke teller today was Bob H. Next meeting joke teller will be Pat D.

- No raffle this week, we will pick it back up next week so bring your pesos.

-Guest speaker, Andy P talked about the origins of the FOM and where he would like to see it go from here.

- Ken S, Steve B and Andy P have volunteered to co-chair meetings. We are still looking for others to help us keep the FOM on track and running strong. Someone mention a shared co-chair set-up. Good idea, I think.

- Adjourned for socializing 

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