This Weeks Meeting

- Meeting started with intro of new people! Welcome to Scott Allen and his lovely wife. Scott is our token *Johnny Reb and hails from Harlan County, Kentucky.

          * (Johnny Reb, or a Rebel, was the slang term for any Confederate soldier during the American Civil War. His counterpart in the Union Army was Billy Yank or a Yankee.)

- Dinner out for August will be at Krua Thai Restaurant, on F. Torres St., corner of Jacinto St., Saturday night the 7th of August @ 7pm. Please send your *RSVP to Steve Baker @ . I have made reservations for 30, so please RSVP so I can adjust that number if necessary. 

You can look at info about Krua Thai Restaurant at: THAI

          * (R.S.V.P. stands for a French phrase, "répondez, s'il vous plaît," which means "please reply." The person sending the invitation wo uld like you to tell him whether you accept or decline the invitation. That is, will you be coming to the event or not?)

- Read July happenings and August Independence days. August Dinner Out will be celebration of half the countries of the world’s Independence from Great Britain.  Ha…ha!
- Joke teller today was Tim. Next week will be our newbie, Scott Allen.
- Raffle and break (Thanks to Reg and Liz for keeping this going so well).
- Paul reports Ma-a Jail WILL allow the garden tools in, so, purchase is moving forward. Maximum spent is $1000 Pesos as voted on by membership.
- Friends of Mindanao donated toward a Ma-a Jail Inmates doctor bills. Thank you folks! I know that this goes against our founder’s original charter, but under the circumstances, it was a very kind gesture.       
- Does anyone have suggestions for a trip next month (August/September). Contact John Grant with any suggestions. Contact Leon and Vienna (or Steve Baker @ for info on Lake Sebu trip.
- Richard volunteered to speak next meeting. Thank you Richard!
- Adjourned for socializing / reminder for all to pay for food. We are seeing some small improvements in the menu, so eat up and enjoy. Pancit was served today. Kuya Jo-Jo is working to improve services for us.
 Note; The following are only recommendations from members that have had good experiences at these facilities and are in no way endorsed by Friends of Mindanao (FOM).
          -- I received a recommendation to Davao Medical Foundation School/ Hospital, near Victoria Plaza, for your future medical needs from one of our members. Check them our at:    
          -- I got a received to Alexian Brothers Hospital, Davao City, in the Matina area, for your future medical needs from one of our members. Check them our at:  Hospital

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