Paul Fuller on 13a visa

Words of wisdom

Believe me! Until your 13A application has been approved in Manila and you have the written confirmation plus the change of status from Tourist to Probationary Resident stamp in your passport you will not be permitted to leave the country.  At the border, you will be instructed to return to the BI office and make a written application for a waiver (or some such terminology) .  That takes a week at least but gives you time to rebook your flight assuming you hold a transferable air ticket.  Sure the BI attorney confirmed you can leave after the temporary 13a has been approved but they never tell you the whole story unless you specifically ask the question.  If a waiver is granted it has a time limit on it and if you are not back in the country before that time expires you will revert to tourist status and have to start the whole process from the beginning, including all of the paperwork and fees.

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