The Panacan boys

As you may recall our Christmas charity last year was to help the boys school in Panacan. I am glad to say that Dennis has been very busy, with the construction of  a chapel and now he has launched a great new side line to help finance the school.

They are now selling Koi, so how about spreading the news, and lets get  Dennis "hooked" on his new business.

Those wanting details of how to contact Dennis, or wish to know more, please contact.


Dennis T. Mabayao 

If they want Koi for thei Pond please buy it from us. We have small and big Koi here.
"I have small one. the price of small are P20,P50, P100, P150. The big one are P1000 - P2000"


ian said...

I think those are good prices for koi! I was in petco in SM last week pricing them out and the ones about 6 inches long were 250 pesos each in the store.

site owner said...

Thanks for the info Ian

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