Getting Your 13A Visa

Getting Your 13A Visa                            

DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS (Section 13, paragraph A in relation to Law Instruction No. 33)
(1 ) Duly notarized letter of application by petitioning Filipino spouse;
(2) General Application Form duly accomplished by the foreign spouse and notarized (BI Form No. MCL-07-01);
(3) NSO authenticated copy of birth certificate of Filipino spouse;
(4) NSO authenticated copy of the Marriage Contract of the alien and Filipino spouse, or if Solemnized abroad, Marriage Contract authenticated by the Philippine embassy/consulate in or nearest the place where marriage was solemnized, with English translation if written in other foreign language;
(5) Bureau of Immigration (BI) Clearance Certificate (get at BI when applying for 13a)
(6) Plain photocopy of the passport/s of foreign national spouse and/or children showing its bio-page, admission stamp and authorized stay of at least twenty (20) calendar days from date of filing.
You'll do all of these things twice. You'll pay an implementation fee for the Temporary 13a and ACR-I Card and then you'll pay an implementation fee again for the Permanent 13a and ACR-I Card.  That's in the Philippines.  In the USA you pay once and get the permanent issued.
When you get your temporary 13a stamp in your passport, look at the date it expires.  You need to apply for the permanent 13a 4 months ahead of that date.  If you don't, you will end up going to a major BI office to pay for an extension.  I had a BI lawyer help me.  Not understanding all their silly rules can cost you big bucks.
(No more barangay clearance or physical)

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