INTERVIEW WITH HENRY  From  Davao City Living
In short, these visits to the Philippines have opened a whole new world to me. I've never ventured outside the United States until my first trip in 2008. Call me a late bloomer in that regard, but I'm happy I waited. I was never one to take the initiative on such a personal quest. For me, I was comfortable here at home in Chicago. After completing my undergraduate degree in International Business, I knew the next step was to go abroad. However, I needed more of a push to get the wheels in motion. I guess my desire to visit the Philippines stemmed from a Filipina I once dated here in Chicago many years ago. Although that relationship didn't work it, it was enough to compel me to go to the Philippines. Taking fate to the wind, I set out to find, perhaps myself, on a trip to the Philippines. In my learning strategies, I did a lot of online chatting as well as frequented a few websites. I corresponded with a few ladies mostly from Davao. That said, I decided to fly over to meet a particular lady in person. Fast forward to present day and I've fallen for this lady as well as Davao City. As I focus on my retirement plans, I see myself living in Davao with my better half. Each visit there present new wonders and fascination. True, it will be an adjustment, but I'm looking forward it.

-Henry   Full article  HERE

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