Hi FOMer's,

The month of June offers us a unique opportunity; five (5) Wednesdays, I thought we could put the regular (June 2nd) meeting off a week to 9 June and use the first Wednesday for an evening get-together/dinner at a nice western style restaurant for a meal, drinks and some socializing. Bring the wife, girlfriend or significant other and the kids and/or friends along. Maybe someplace like Coca's at about 6 or 7pm. (please suggest other restaurants you might prefer, we are open to new experiences).

The regular monthly meetings will fall on June 9th and the 23rd at our regular Matina location..

The location is  
Gardena Fresca
Garden Pond and Grill
#114 Morales Compound, Morales Village, Matina, Davao City
Tel. 297-4628, 301-6842 

Steve Baker at sbake12@gmail.com

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