Bad trouble but good food

The Philippine military is now launching a pursuit operation against unidentified gunmen who burned down four school rooms in the country's volatile south after Monday's elections, the military said on Thursday.
Capt. Steffani Cacho, spokesperson of the military's Western Mindanao Command told Xinhua by phone from Zamboanga that authorities are now investigating to determine who torched four classrooms in Akbar town, in the island-province of Basilan.
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NEW People’s Army (NPA) guerrillas snatched three unarmed soldiers and a militiaman while they were attending the birthday party of their colleagues’ son in Compostela Valley on Wednesday, the military said.
Cpl. Marcial Bawagan was visiting his family in barangay Sawangan, Mawab, for the birthday party of his three-year-old son, along with Cpl. Ariel Asumo and Cpl. Eduardo Alcala and militiaman Victor Pitogo, when they were abducted at about 12 noon.
Capt. Emmanuel Garcia, spokesman for the Army’s 10th Infantry “Abila” Division, said the four were forcibly taken into a waiting black van that sped toward barangay Sangab, also in the province.
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