Happy New Year

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Here are some of our members enjoying the best of the Holidays


Between Christmas and New years myself and Steve, my friend from the UK, went back to the boys home in Panacan to deliver extra products donated by......a good friend

Song from Panacan

As promised here is the first video of the boys at Panacan who were so grateful to our organisation, for helping Christmas become a little more enjoyable.

Christmas in Panacan

The FOM sent Christmas presents and food and monies up on the 24th Decemeber to help the boys have a special Christmas.
Thanks to ALL the FOM who made this possible.

Below are some photos, and look at the table with food and magine your family eating that over Christmas!!!

Videos will be online tomorrow.

Remember to visit the site by clicking HERE.

Merry Christmas

More from Tim Walker

hi iThis is part of a recent article that Tim walker did for his on line magazine. As it featured our old leader and friend I thought you would like to see it.The full article is HERE

Recently here in the Philippines I befriended a person who reminded me so much of my father, his name was Ian Fredericks. Ian had insight and knowledge about so many things that it reminded me of my fathers will and wit. Ian passed away here just about 2 months ago in an odd twist of fate that was so unexpected. I confided in so many things and so many times with him that when he passed from this earth I felt the same feelings that I did when my father passed away. Ian created this blog magazine that you read here along with my friend John Grant and maybe this will also come to be that they too will make a better person of me by allowing me to share a part of my life that only some people know about out there. I miss Ian terribly and I hope that somehow we could all find a person like him to share a moment or maybe a lifetime with, I know that I am a better person for all that he gave and all that he did here for me.

In my life, either here in Asia or there in America I will find so many other people to talk to, to sit and learn from and to help when help is needed. I know people like Ian Fredericks do not come along in life’s paths to many times and I know that somehow we only find one true father along our way in life too. I will close by saying something that Ian’s son Josh said one day to him in an early morning when it was raining outside, he said, quote “The Sun Is Crying” and yes my friend, he is crying for all of us today.

Bruce talks about the boys school

There are many charities here in Davao as there are all over the Philippines. Most of the charities are for the small children or the people of an older age. In the past, I have writing about the Field of Dreams boy’s home that is doing wonderful work foryoung children.

Well, through the Expat group, Friends of Mindanao I learned of and visited a wonderful and different concept for a well needed charity. This is Balay Sa Adunay Pangandoy or Home of Those who have Ambition.

There is a man, Dennis T. Mabayao who as a seminarian worked doing ministry work at the Davao City Jail and

Full article on American in Davao

Bye Bye 2009

Thanks so much to the people that joined in the Christmas party at Times Beach. Great to see some new and old faces, and thanks to Tim Walker for organising it all. Thanks Tim.

The presents will go to the boys school in Panacan, and that are noot suitable will be distrubeted to the needy.

It is our plan to take the presents and food parcels up on 24TH DECEMBER, so if you would like to contribute then please get in touch..And again thank you all.

Wednesday January 6th 2010 9am...hope you will all be sober by then.

Don't forget
To tell people about FOM and give out those flyers

Gaisano Grand Mall opens in Tagum today

Gaisano Grand Mall in Tagum City will have its soft opening today.

It will be the third Gaisano Grand Mall, the other two are in Davao City and Panabo City.

Carla Corcino, advertising and promo center manager said the Gaisano Grand Mall has four levels, in which the lower ground is designed for car park, upper grounds are leasable for tenants.

The second level and the third level are for the supermarket and the department store, respectively, she said.

The investor has infused P299 million capital for the Tagum Gaisano Grand Mall.

Construction of the Mall started in August, 2008.

About 140 tenants are slated to operate inside the mall, although it could still accommodate more, Corcino said.

In today’s opening, about 130 tenants will start operating, she said.

Big tenants among others, Jolibee and Chowking will open during its grand opening which has yet to be scheduled, Corcino said. Judy Quiros

Ho Ho Ho

Our Panacan School

Two years ago the school had capacity for 14 boys aged from 14 to 20, who had been in very serious trouble , be it drugs or theft, or worse. The boys come from very poor areas, and the idea of getting into gangs and becoming part of something was romantic, but misguided,and was a way of escaping from the slums, or so they all thought.

After the required prison time,(Nothing like Western prisons),they had an opportunity to join this school, and to break the circle of poverty,theftand the ineviatable prison. The school offered food,accommodation,lifestyle teachings and most important the chance to get back into school, and educate themselves out of the quicksand of crime.

Photo-0529Like any charity here in the Philippines,finance is a huge and neverending issue,and two years ago, during my visit I saw a vegetable garden to sustain themselves, also an internal classroom. The school had furniture, food, and beds and so much more spread across all the rooms,that supported the guys, who "worked" too in the school to maintain it clean, to cook , to organise the piggery.

Now after the two years, when their existence was sparse but ok, the boys number only eight and the funding has all but vanished. The vegetables have been replaced by fish stocks for very little profit, the comfortable accommodation has vanished too, and the rooms are empty and cry out for soe new paint. The Piggery is closed because of complaints of the noise from nieghbours. and the boys are less smart dressed as before.

Despite that they are happy,very friendly and respectful to THE FRIENDS OF MINDANAO , who remain attentive as Dennis ,the man who has given up everything he has to keep the boys fed and schooled. He quit his jobs to dedicate his time to this venture, and now he trys to support them, with dwindling funds, and no more new boys can be admitted as the funding cannot cope now.


We passed our collected funds from the Friends of Mindanao group, and on the way out we purchased excellent plant pots of all sizes and knew that every pesos we passed would be used within minutes on food or other essentials, and there is so much needed..

I have so much respect for Dennis who offers a little info about his project on this multiply link. I would ask you to read more about what he does, and maybe he and some of his boys will be at a future meeting. The work that this man dos would put most of us to shame.and before Christmas I will try to go back. Do you want to join me?

normality in Maguindanao.

MANILA, Dec. 7 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. and British governments are "closely" and "carefully" monitoring the situation in Maguindanao after the government declared martial law in the province to allegedly quell a rebellion by a powerful political clan.

In separate statements issued Monday, both countries also urged Philippine security forces to respect human rights even if while martial law is in place.

"Declaration of martial law is a serious step with human rights implications so we will watch its implementation carefully," the U.S. embassy in Manila said in a statement.

British Ambassador to the Philippines Stephen Lillie said the U.K. government looks forward to the return of

"The world is still watching and waiting to see whether justice is done. We will continue to closely monitor the situation," Lillie said.

Philippine President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo put Maguindanao province under martial law late Friday to quash a so-called rebellion being mounted by the Ampatuan clan. Members of the powerful family are the main suspects behind the Nov. 23 slaying of 57 people, mostly women and journalists.

The United Nations, led by Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has led the worldwide condemnation of the brutal killings. Several governments, including the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and the European Union have demanded swift prosecution of the killers and early resolution of the case.

Our trip to Panacan

Here are two short videos about our trip on Monday to the boys school in Panacan, who we at FOM are helping. It was a humbling visit and the full article will be on line here in a couple of days.

Christmas is coming

A reminder to all at FOM, and those who would like to join us this Saturday 12th for a Christmas cheer.
There is no set menu no set cost

Just turn up and choose from the menu and drink and dance the night away.

Saturday December 12th at 6pm...........Dwenzel's Restaurant in Times Beach

Times Beach lays directly behind SM Mall and behind the condo units that are being newly built there. Times Beach is right on the water and they are adding a new steel arch entry to the main road that you enter into there. Quimpo Blvd. is the road that runs directly across the front of SM Mall.

To the North side of the mall the road is called "TULIP DRIVE". Tulip drive goes right into Times Beach and the newly done steel structure that is being placed there. Once you enter into Times beach go to the end of the road (Or "T" in the road) where you have to go left or right and Dwenzel's in directly in front of you there. Pass through the large steel gates there and park in their nice lot.

Any questions or need more assistance, please contact me Tim Walker 0908-664-9156.

Boys School

Today several members of FOM, traveled to Panacan to visit the School nominated by the group to receive our Christmas Charity donation.

This project was a particular love of Ian's.

More details of our visit to come later this week, but for now enjoy some of the pictures of our visit.

Also this is the direct link CLICK HERE

Maguindanao incident:

This issued by the US embassy

As of November 24, 2009, the US Embassy Manila – through its embassy warden system – updated its old travel warning to Mindanao to include the Maguindanao incident:

Travelers should exercise extreme caution if traveling in the central and western portions of the island of Mindanao, as well as in the islands of the Sulu Archipelago. Recent violence in Maguindanao resulted in the Government of the Philippines declaring a state of emergency in the provinces of Maguindanao and Sultan Kudarat and the city of Cotabato. The state of emergency includes road checkpoints conducted by the Philippine military and law enforcement. If U.S. citizens travel to Maguindanao despite this Travel Alert, they should understand there are heightened tensions and there will be a significant military presence. They should carefully research restrictions imposed upon travel and follow the instructions of officials with regards to limitations on movement.”

The Party from Saturday

Thanks to the beautiful Liz for these pictures

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Manila/Philippines would like to inform you that the Head of the Legal and Consular Section, the First Secretary Mr.
KLAUS MUELLER, will hold office on Wednesday, the 27nd January 2010. Visit our website for more information and application forms www.manila.diplo.de.

House gathering

Thanks so much for the fantastic high turnout last night at the FOM party.

Maybe 50 to 60 people, and thanks for the fantastic food and great company.

To all of you, this is what FOM is about!!

Friends being friends and helping friends in Mindanao.

Hope to have some pictures up later this week.

And a personal thanks for my "staff" Steve,AJ,Archie. Thanks guys

British Passports

Dear Residents of the Philippines, We have now had confirmation that the passport process will move to Hong Kong sometime in early February 2010. This will mean that Manila will no longer issue passports.

The British Embassy will however still take in all applications and courier them to Hong Kong. Once a passport has been issued by our Consulate in Hong Kong, we envisage that it will be sent back by courier service directly to the applicant.

There will be a change for the courier costs, as yet we do not know what this will be. I therefore advise all British Nationals here in the Philippines to look at the validity of their current passport. If you have less than a year's validity - you may wish to renew your passport now whilst the passport operation is still in Manila. If your passport is still valid for another 9 months or more, you automatically get nine months added to the renewed passport.

We do not know what the turn around time will be for the applications sent to Hong Kong. We will be able to issue emergency travel documents and once we know the criteria for the issue of these, I will let you know. Please pass the message onto British Nationals who you know are not registered with the Embassy and advise them to do so. They will then receive future messages relating to the issue of passports etc

. Kind regards,
Joanne Finnamore-Crorkin HM Consul British Embassy Manila

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Davao saftey

From Bruce Linder

As many in the world have heard, there was a great tragedy this week in the Philippines on the island of Mindanao. There was a massacre where, as currently counted, 57 people were killed and placed in a mass grave.

As alleged, this was a due to a family clan feud over a political dynasty. I am not going to go into specifics about what happened and why; there is plenty already on the news and news sites. What I am going to discuss is the safety in Davao.

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