Felis Resort wins another award

Felis Resort Complex got Third Place in Tourism Category for "The Best Environment-Friendly Practices"

Well done to Bong Domingo and the family, and the hard working staff.

Christmas is coming

The most awaited season of the year has finally come. The most joyous month is here at least. At times it makes me really wonder what life would be without December. Something is indeed very special on this season, which brings about changes not only in the atmosphere but also in our zest of life and living.

Yes, the air begins to get cooler especially in the mornings when the field and remaining forests are embraced and kissed by the fog that slowly descends upon the earth. The first streak of light that pierces the darkness of earth is the sign of life. the stillness of the dawn which has long been awakened by the crowning of the fowls and singing of the birds only add more color and harmony to the many fabrics of creation, all for the beauty of life and for the joy of mankind.

Yes, we may not have snow in the Philippines to behold and touch as the music lanes blast to the tune of 'White Christmas' like I grew up in my home country Germany. But out in the grassy fields, as you feel the earth with your feet, the fog and the dew give testimony that the earth is still full of life.

December is Christmas, although Christmas in the Philippines is much more different then in Germany. I am looking forward to my 10th Christmas in the Philippines. I love it here. I learned something here: December and Christmas should be the song to awaken our hardened hearts, to touch those people around us, who might have waited a long time for such a move

December 2nd

Our next meeting is on Wednesday December 2nd at 9am.

Our host today is Louis, and thanks to him for taking the meeting for the day.

Directions to the venue is:

La Priscane Restaurant is off Veloso’s Street,
which goes from behind Victoria Plaza through to
Dacudao Street.
Halfway along Veloso’s Street is the entrance to Palm Village. Enter into Palm Village.
25 meters along, the road divides into a Y. Take the left fork in the road, 50 meters along,
on the Right hand side, is the entrance to the restaurant.

From Klaus Doring

There might be a lot of

different reasons for each and

every one why to live in the Philippines for good. Family, Philippine spouse, doing business or just enjoying a great pensioner's life.

The Philippine Retirement Authority (Manila) describes it with its slogan "Smile at Life in the Philippines". This slogan indeed encapsulates the spirit behind PRA's vision. Retirees who choose the Philippines can look forward to being treated as a person, not as a statistic. PRA helps provide the good life for retirees (NOT being married to a Philippine national) not only for their material comfort, but also for their psychological and emotional well being as well.

By the way, the Philippine Retirement Authority is a government owned and controlled corporation created by virtue of Executive order no. 1037, signed by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos, on July 4, 1985. On August 31, 2001, through E.o. no 26, the control and supervision of PRA was transferred to the Board of Investments (BOI) from the Office of the President.

PRA's head office is in Makati City (Hotline +632.848-1412 or email: inquiry@pra.gov.ph. but there are several satellite offices in Cebu City, Olangapo City, Angeles City Pampanga, Baguio City - and since a couple of months also in Davao City (headed by my friend Mr. Jimmy Llames).

Why choose the Philippines? In the Philippines, retirees (and also all other expats and businesspeople) have the chance a lot to smile about it!

Mabuhay and welcome to the Philippines!

Bruce and thanksgiving

This comes from Bruce Linder article from his site American In Davao, to read the aricle in full click HERE

In the past, I have mentioned the different Expat groups in Davao. They all have their own dynamics and agendas. The first one I became part of is the Friends of Mindanao. A man named Ian Fredericks, a New Zealander, who had lived here for many years, started the Friends of Mindanao. He was a business marketing and motivational speaker, and originally stared the group as a business marketing and support group. The group eventually became a social and support group for all expats. It was a relaxed meeting where members would be presenters telling about their life or occupation back home.

They group meets twice a month on the first and third Wednesday mornings. We would sit and have coffee or beverage of choice and enjoy each other’s company. It was decided to have this week’s meeting as an American Thanksgiving party. The meeting was moved up to 2pm since a turkey meal is too heavy for breakfast time.

Tim Walker the Antique man

stuck in the 19th century

This sixth and final insert on my experiences within the auction business in the state of Pennsylvania will just be about what comes to mind. I hope along the way here within this web magazine that I give a helping hand or bring a laugh or a memorable experience to someone out there. I find in times within the business in any aspect that we all find hardship and hard times can be a trying thing for us all. I find myself in a mindset within others and try to find myself outside of the circle of gossip so as not to find myself at the bottom of a well, mentality wise.

Auctioneering has taken many steps forward though some of it’s laws and bylaws seem to be stuck in the 19th century. I’m unsure if any of that will ever change as this venue to has taken a political type agenda and seems to be tamed by a group of ring leaders that keep the lion in it’s cage, so to say.

Past all that, when I was teaching at H.A.C.C. I saw many wide eyed students trying to find a way into a world that would allow them to hopefully break the daily work routine that so many of us find ourselves in. I miss teaching there but my life has changed so many times and in so many directions that I can no longer afford to the time to stay there in Pennsylvania due to my moving around the world now.

See the full article from Tim Walker HERE

More of the Thanksgiving

I would like to thank all 43 people who attended this lunch/dinner for the FOM and for Ian Fredericks memory as well. I also forgot to thank my very good friend Juvanne Helgramosa for playing accoustic guitar for the event and for his time and efforts involved in this matter. The room turned out to be a perfect size for us and the day was a little rainy. I suppose in my words about Ian it was a fitting day as I noted in my speach about Ian's blog that Josh, Ian's 5 year old son said "The Sun Is Crying"...........and yes my friend, the Sun is crying for all of us on this day too!!! Tim Walker

What a great day

We had forty people at the Thanksgiving meal,a record!!

I am sure Ian would have been a very proud man.

Here are some pictures from Bruce Linder of the event.

And a great big thank you to Tim Walker for the great organising, and to Bruce and of course to Bryan the TOP CHEF.

Philippine food

From Klaus Doring

I have been travelling around the world since the age of 16. I stayed in almost 65 countries worldwide. Sure, I learned to eat a lot of things. Many times, as a real newcomer I started shudder while tasting a new dish.

Of course, every country has some disgusting special food that foreigners are forced to eat. It's an invitation rite before strangers are allow to enter the new community. Here in Davao City/Mindanao, where I am residing since 1999 for good, one can find for example the fruit Durian (smells hell but tastes heaven!). Yeah, it's true... .

Full article click HERE

The Christmas Charity

Our hope this year is to fulfill Ian's dream of helping Dennis who is running a boys school in Panacan.

More details to follow, and please look at the article from last week , which includes a video.

These pictures show that the boys are Fully part of the school. They live,work and get educated all under this roof. All thanks to Dennis.

For details from the Multiply site of Dennis then click this link NOW

Bruce has 2nd year

Just like last year, and because Elena had her Marco Polo privilege card renewed, Elena again took me to a night in the Marco Polo again. Wednesday, the day before my special day, we had to stop by the hotel to confirm our reservation with the Privilege Card Dept. and the front desk. George and Jenny, who work the front desk were there and were happy we would be back again to celebrate my Birthday. George informed us he would be off on Thursday, but would see us on Friday before we left.

Full article on AMERICAN IN DAVAO

Ian, article from Live in the Philippines

This article appears on the site Live in the Philippines.

One of the things we try to put at the back of our minds is that a sudden severe illness could result in death. This I think is true for most of us, but its even more important when you are not in your home country.

I am not going to state the obvious things like medical insurances and regular check ups, but rather what happened to my good friend and business partner last week. He is no longer with

us, so he can not tell the story.

From Stephen King,UK

I met Ian for the first time about 3 years ago with John. From that first meeting I could tell Ian was somebody with so much drive and a big personality. As John and Ian worked together I spent quite a bit of time with them and we socialised as well. He became a major part of our lives and life in Davao is just not going to be the same without him.
He was an amazing man really, with so much energy and a positive outlook on life.
Ian, we will miss you so very much and may you rest in peace. And my love goes to Bing and the rest of Ian's family."

Our friend Ian

From Migs Bassig

Mr. Fredericks prepared lovely strawberry ice creams, and had always greeted everyone by saying, “Mate!” It must have been a Kiwi thing. He had always bid goodbyes by saying, “May today be better than good.” He bid a final goodbye a little over twenty-four hours after All Souls Day, and it wasn’t at all a good day. No one saw it coming. He had felt a sudden sharp pain in his stomach early in the week, as though something inside had burst, and when it had become clear that something was seriously wrong, the mother of Mr. Fredericks’ gorgeous five-year-old boy Josh – Miss Dimaisip – took him to the hospital.

Funeral pictures
thanks to Lito

I have just found out that Ian has sadly passed away. Ian and I went to school together at St Joseph's Catholic School in Feilding, NZ. We were also altar boys together.

We lost touch but it was in Davao back in 1999 that we met up again. I worked in the Phils for 9 years (Manila based) and had travelled to Davao on business. The hotel I was staying at had a large banner out the front with Ian's name on it, and sure enough it was him. We were both surprised to see each other after so many years.
Ian and his partner visited my wife and I in Ortigas for dinner and we had an enjoyable night reminiscing about our younger years growing up.

My condolences to Ian's wife and family.

David Hastie

I was shocked to hear of Ian's sudden death.
I knew him for the 4 months I was in Davao. I found him to be a great organiser and a very interesting man to talk to.
To me, he had an air of authority that reminded me of my school Headmaster.
I had the pleasure of having a drink with him at 8610 and chatting wih him in Gmall a few weeks before his passing.
Just as I was getting to know him he was taken away.
Gone but not forgotten..............

To all the USA expats

Friends of Mindanao

Thanksgiving Celebration Meeting

Wednesday, November 18th at 2PM


La Priscane Restaurant

Due to this meeting being more of a social event and a luncheon the time has been moved to a time more suitable for a Turkey Meal.

Please come, enjoy the food, entertainment and the usual friendly camaraderie The Friends of Mindanao is known for being.

Cost per person is undetermined, but will be affordable as usual. Payment will be collected at the event.

Because of the need to advise the venue to the amount of food to be prepared,
we need your R.S.V.P by this Saturday, November 14th.

Just reply to this email and let me know if you will attend and the number of persons in your party.

Please come and enjoy with us and be prepared to tell us What you are Thankful on this special Day

Directions to the venue is:

La Priscane Restaurant is off Veloso’s Street,
which goes from behind Victoria Plaza through to
Dacudao Street.
Halfway along Veloso’s Street is the entrance to Palm Village. Enter into Palm Village.
25 meters along, the road divides into a Y. Take the left fork in the road, 50 meters along,
on the Right hand side, is the entrance to the restaurant.

Anonymous Tim Walker said...

The Restaurant is actually called Le Piscine Grill and Cafe (also known as Brian's Grill From Years Ago). If taking a taxi just tell them Palm Village in Obrero and they will know the way. If you are traveling there by car it's near the end of Veloso Street and the entrance is slightly hidden and sneaks up on you quickly before you realize it. Land Line phone numbers for La Piscine is (082)221-2943 or 221-1155. You can also reach me, Tim Walker at 0908-664-9156.

November 14, 2009 3:53 PM

Anonymous Tim Walker said...

Might I also add that La Piscine Grill and Cafe is on Facebook with a Google Earth aerial view of the area if that would help anyone. Many thanks for the huge response to this dinner!

Christmas charity

Our Christmas charity this year is to help a boys school in Panacan.

More details soon, but in the mean time here is an article I did about for Live in the Philippines.
This week I will tell you about another project by the SAME charity this time operating in PANACAN.

This time its for boys 14-17 who have been in prison, or drug addicts or even those who were marked for “disappearance”.

Look at the picture and look into those boys eyes and tell me if you see that! When I visited I was so impressed that these boys about fourteen of them who live in a dormitory style building in a tight group, they now go to school, they cook for themselves and help in many chores including growing produce and tending to a piggery.

RIP Ian Fredericks

It is with huge sadness that we announce the death today, November 4, of the founder of Friends of Mindanao at the age of 63.

Ian was a great friend, and he will be missed so much by Bing and his children, and his friends throughout the Philippines and around the world.

Please leave your condolences in the comments section and they will appear within a few hours. You can also send them to

Goodbye, my friend.

Ollie Mcgovern
Ollie Mcgovern
so sorry to here about ian's sudden passing. god bless him and his family. r.i.p ian.
4 minutes ago · Delete

Although I don't know Ian my prayers are with him. May his soul rest in peace in Heaven.

From Geoff Cole

Past members of New Zealand Jaycee and Senators of JCI will be shocked and saddened at the untimely passing of Ian. Back in 1978 I had the pleasure of serving with Ian as a Regional Governor of NZ Jaycee. The next year we cemented that friendship with Ian taking a Programme Manager's role with a programme that was to change his life: Personal Potential. Ian was awarded a Senatorship (#26210)- life membership to JCI for his outstanding contribution to society.
We had many great times and Ian's infectious enthusiasm and broad smile will be fondly remembered. Cheerio my friend.
Geoff Cole
President NZ Jaycee 1982,Life Member #7 and Senator #26096)

November 6, 2009 10:59 AM

Anonymous edward stanway said...

farewell,Ian just as we where becoming good friends you departed this world,you will always be remembered as a humanitarian,and a great ambassador for your country,you had an impact on everyone,who met you,my thoughts go out to your family,rest in peace.

Klaus Doring said...

I really got shocked when I received the message about Ian's death. Only a week ago we had a funny and personal chat.

I will miss you very much my friend. good bye!

From Ted Padova

I've been in Manila the week of Nov 2 and learned of the sad news of the passing of friend, colleague, and business associate Ian Fredericks. I'm still in shock coming to grips with the loss of a dear friend to many people throughout Davao City and other areas of Mindanao.

Ian was a champion for self improvement and shared his knowledge and beliefs regarding the power of the inner-self to so many people. I'm quite certain there are many who believe that knowing Ian was an inspiration and significant impact on their lives.

Ian will be missed by his family, friends, and so many acquaintances.


From Paul Fuller

During the the journey through life we each meet a lot of people and most leave wonderful memories of things done and things spoken. Ian Fredricks was among the really good people I have met during my journey. We first met at a private function in another expats house and as soon as Ian spotted me standing in a corner (I'm really a shy type) he came over and introduced himself and took me to meet some other folk. Soon I was part of the party, no longer shy and at ease with Ian as a fellow New Zealander. Ian went on to establish the Friends of Mindanao Group and through his personal moral behavior, charisma and positive attitude attracted other like minded people to attend group meetings. His passing is indeed sad and I for one am deeply moved. My deepest sympathy goes out to Ian's wife Bing and to the apple of his eye, his young son Josh. We must also remember his grown up son and daughter in New Zealand and I offer them my sincere condolences. Ian told me many times how much he loved and missed his kids back in NZ. I believe that if there is a place we go to after death Ian will certainly be a worthy candidate for a place in the front row. Ian, Po atarau E moea iho nei. Farewell my friend. Paul Fuller

From Al Kipple

I can not say that I know Ian, but I know of him and his contributions to this expatriate community in which we live. Speaking for myself and for Davao Philippines Expatriate Group we are sorry to know of his death. Goodbye Ian.

From Tim Walker

When I first came to Davao City I knew little to noone here. On my second time here I came to stay for many months and I was invited to a party at Chico's to attend a Christmas party there for the one expat's club. When I sat down I sat next to Ian Fredericks and became entranced in a 1+ hour conversation with him. Along the way here I became involved with blog creations with Ian and John both and came to know them very well. In the past several months I spent many times with Ian and his power and mind set amazed me each time we spoke, talked or just had a cup of coffee at G-mall. I am without words to express the loss of Ian Fredericks. For anyone who knew him and for anyone that just chatted with him, they too will feel this loss within themselves. I have been fortunate to travel in many countries in my lifetime and personally never found anyone like Ian before and I'm afraid I may never find again. I will also never forget who taught me the saying "Ba Hala Ka" my friend and now more then ever I find it a haunting line to think you may have been trying to tell me something further? What a strange twist of fate that I was coming to see you tonight and now my words are only silenced by your passing away from this world. I for one will truely miss you and miss your passion which you tried to instill in all of us here.

Migs Bassig
Migs Bassig
We'll remember Ian as a good man. In the meantime, keep strong.
Wed at 03:39 · Delete
Henry Stewart
Henry Stewart
My prayers go out to the family.
Wed at 04:40 · Delete
Ben Borja
Ben Borja
Oh my God, I just texted him the other day. Thanks for the information John. I feel sad. so sad.
Wed at 04:49 · Delete
Feyma Bayoy Martin
Feyma Bayoy Martin
Sorry to hear about the death of Ian John. I know that its really hard on you. My prayers are for you and his family.

Take care!
Wed at 07:36 · Delete
Carolynn Christodoulou
Carolynn Christodoulou
I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It is hard loosing a friend. have a hug.
Wed at 08:01 · Delete
Juna Fabello
Juna Fabello
Thanks for the information John.We keep him in our memories. My prayers to the family.
Wed at 08:16 · Delete
John Grant
John Grant
By error this posting has appeared many times, however I thank everyone for their thoughts. I have just met Ian's son at the airport and he has a 3 hour drive to Kidapawan, thanks to Mike,Ed and Tim for taking him.
Wed at 10:34 · Delete
Adrie Cornelissen
Adrie Cornelissen
I am sorry to hear about this big loss John. It`s always hard to loose a good friend and also to be part of the grieve of his family. My prayers go out to you and his family. Hang in there buddy!!
Wed at 10:40 · Delete
Stephen King
Stephen King
God Bless Ian and the family he has left behind. I miss him so much and I send my prayers.
Wed at 11:21 · Delete
Nene Urbiztondo Dimmick
Nene Urbiztondo Dimmick
my prayers to his family and to those whose lives he touched in one way or another..may Ian's soul rest in peace..
Wed at 11:23 · Delete
Amanda Grant
Amanda Grant
Oh john, how sad, sending love and hugs xx
Wed at 14:05 · Delete
John Grant
John Grant
I will be travelling to Matalam today and will be back tomorrow, so for all those people needing to know details of the funeral please be patient I will report back tomorrow as there is no internet in Matalam
Wed at 23:51 · Delete
Liz Newport
Liz Newport
Pls. give our deepest sympathy and condolences to Ian's family, we truly missing him and always remain in our hearts
Yesterday at 04:10 · Delete

Novie Godmalin: John pls send my condolences to ian's family and relatives..
it was so sudden and im still shocked by what had happened..
its so hard to face the truth that hes gone..
may he rest in peace..

Itang P. Aranas
John ,It's hard to lose a friend forever.. I will surely miss him .. I am really sad.. May his soul rest in peace.. take care John..

Amanda Grant
Oh john, how sad, sending love and hugs xx

Ian in action in this video below

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