Our next FOM meeting is on this 

Wednesday May 6th.

We would love to see you with a friend. In fact we would like this meeting to be bring a friend. If we all brought one guest then that would be a terrific way to achieve our membership goal.


You will find us at Coffee Shop # 51

This is right next to Metro-bank and Buffet Palace. It’s in Victoria Car Park Compound.

We commence our meeting at 8:30 am with a coffee and chat. It would be splendid to have you there at this time as it is a vital part of the FOM meeting. Be 8:30am - 10:30 am


Newsletter from “The Friends of Mindanao”

In this F.O.M. News

May we wish everyone a memorable Easter? What ever you are doing over the Easter Week, we sincerely desire that you have a pleasant time with your loved ones.

In case you did not know the banks will be closed on Thursday April 9th. It will pay to get to the bank early in the week, as Wednesday is chaotic in the banks with so many people doing their transactions.

> Meeting on April 15th

> The Great Debate

> Conveners Required

> Appreciation

> Farewell

Connecting like minded people in Mindanao

The Friends of Mindanao

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is on April 15th. Please write this date in your diary. We have a speaker planned for your enjoyment

The Great Debate

The concept of the Great Debate is to have some fun and rhetoric over a humorous subject. John G is the convener. I am sure John will have a fine topic

There are three members on each Team. We need a chairman, a time keeper, along with an adjudicator. So we need 9 people to volunteer. The leader gets 5 minutes to lay his teams position. The following two speakers get 4 minutes each. Summing up by each Team leader is 3 minutes.

Please put your name forward so that we can have a nice debate. If the concept works well it is envisaged that in the future this could be come and annual event were the FOM is challenged by a local group.

Conveners Required

We have a few projects that we are looking for conveners to organize. The group would greatly appreciate you nominating yourself. We are trying to get variation in the groups activities. To do this we need people to support the programs and contribute. With out your involvement, then we won’t achieve the objectives.

We are looking for conveners for
* Guess who’s coming to dinner
* Progressive dinner
* The Pudding club
* Christmas charity activity
* Organizing the regular raffle

Please advise Ian what project you wish to involve yourself in.


Thanks to Curtis C for being our speaker last meeting. Big thanks to Reg who was the chairman at the April 1st meeting. We appreciate your support for the group.


Dennis M has headed back to Australia for a period. We wish Dennis and Lucy fun times exploring parts of Australia. Paul F is in New Zealand. Chris K remains in South Africa.

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