Our friend Ian

From Migs Bassig

Mr. Fredericks prepared lovely strawberry ice creams, and had always greeted everyone by saying, “Mate!” It must have been a Kiwi thing. He had always bid goodbyes by saying, “May today be better than good.” He bid a final goodbye a little over twenty-four hours after All Souls Day, and it wasn’t at all a good day. No one saw it coming. He had felt a sudden sharp pain in his stomach early in the week, as though something inside had burst, and when it had become clear that something was seriously wrong, the mother of Mr. Fredericks’ gorgeous five-year-old boy Josh – Miss Dimaisip – took him to the hospital.

Funeral pictures
thanks to Lito

I have just found out that Ian has sadly passed away. Ian and I went to school together at St Joseph's Catholic School in Feilding, NZ. We were also altar boys together.

We lost touch but it was in Davao back in 1999 that we met up again. I worked in the Phils for 9 years (Manila based) and had travelled to Davao on business. The hotel I was staying at had a large banner out the front with Ian's name on it, and sure enough it was him. We were both surprised to see each other after so many years.
Ian and his partner visited my wife and I in Ortigas for dinner and we had an enjoyable night reminiscing about our younger years growing up.

My condolences to Ian's wife and family.

David Hastie

I was shocked to hear of Ian's sudden death.
I knew him for the 4 months I was in Davao. I found him to be a great organiser and a very interesting man to talk to.
To me, he had an air of authority that reminded me of my school Headmaster.
I had the pleasure of having a drink with him at 8610 and chatting wih him in Gmall a few weeks before his passing.
Just as I was getting to know him he was taken away.
Gone but not forgotten..............


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