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This article appears on the site Live in the Philippines.

One of the things we try to put at the back of our minds is that a sudden severe illness could result in death. This I think is true for most of us, but its even more important when you are not in your home country.

I am not going to state the obvious things like medical insurances and regular check ups, but rather what happened to my good friend and business partner last week. He is no longer with

us, so he can not tell the story.

From Stephen King,UK

I met Ian for the first time about 3 years ago with John. From that first meeting I could tell Ian was somebody with so much drive and a big personality. As John and Ian worked together I spent quite a bit of time with them and we socialised as well. He became a major part of our lives and life in Davao is just not going to be the same without him.
He was an amazing man really, with so much energy and a positive outlook on life.
Ian, we will miss you so very much and may you rest in peace. And my love goes to Bing and the rest of Ian's family."

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