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Dear Residents of the Philippines, We have now had confirmation that the passport process will move to Hong Kong sometime in early February 2010. This will mean that Manila will no longer issue passports.

The British Embassy will however still take in all applications and courier them to Hong Kong. Once a passport has been issued by our Consulate in Hong Kong, we envisage that it will be sent back by courier service directly to the applicant.

There will be a change for the courier costs, as yet we do not know what this will be. I therefore advise all British Nationals here in the Philippines to look at the validity of their current passport. If you have less than a year's validity - you may wish to renew your passport now whilst the passport operation is still in Manila. If your passport is still valid for another 9 months or more, you automatically get nine months added to the renewed passport.

We do not know what the turn around time will be for the applications sent to Hong Kong. We will be able to issue emergency travel documents and once we know the criteria for the issue of these, I will let you know. Please pass the message onto British Nationals who you know are not registered with the Embassy and advise them to do so. They will then receive future messages relating to the issue of passports etc

. Kind regards,
Joanne Finnamore-Crorkin HM Consul British Embassy Manila

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