How passionate are you?

How passionate are you?

Most people are starters, not finishers

As a SME the passion you have for your business and vision can make the BIG difference over your competitors.

Enthusiasm is catchy. We have heard that before but it is also easy to forget, especially when there are challenges that we face.

Being enthusiastic and making sure that you finish what your organization starts, is a might formula.

We have more on our podcast about this topic. We have sent you six (6) steps over the last few weeks.

This is the final step. If you have listened to the previous recording then we encourage you to make the time and think about what we are saying. It works. It is not flashy, but results focused.

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Listen to step seven (7), the final step of seven steps on the ways that differentiates small to medium sizes business in the market place

We have a FREE Tip Sheet that you can get from us on what these 7 challenges are, and ways to address the challenges?

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It is that simple. (We are showing you one of the principles for a small/mid size business; you don’t need all the bells and whistles to crack your market.)

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* Step 7, the final step of the 7 challenges is included below

Step #7

Being passionate about what you do?

I bet when you started your business you where excited and passionate about your enterprise. All too often we loose this enthusiasm as we become more immersed in the business and its expansion and challenges.

You can’t beat passion. In most cases it overrules skills. It is contagious to the staff and your customers too. People love to meet passionate and enthusiastic business people.

Ask yourself what is your why?

Why did you start the business? What was and now is your vision. How is this delivered to your clients and your family (investors)? How is your product and service filling the needs of your clients?

When you know the answers to these questions, go to the market with genuine enthusiasm and tell the world (shout if necessary). You can do this in the printed material as well as the spoken word.

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We will email you a checklist to help you on the way. You will agree that this is an exceptional BONUS offer. So email us now for the file tip sheet.

Yours in achieving a better than good day!

Ian and John


Seeing the view from the top

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