As vice chairman for public relations of the Rotary Club of East Davao, and as event chairman, I like to invite all (classical) music lovers to a concert on the 5th of December 2009 at the CAP auditorium in Davao City.

Among many others, the Rotary Club of East Davao realizes the urgency of totally eradicating this disease as soon as possible. We have decided to embark on a fund raising event that will accept contributions to this noble endeavor.

The outstanding Four Dabawenya Pianists Mila Jocson, Daphne Jocson, Ma. Luisa Montero and Evelyn Abellera Magno will play music for you'll remember or you remembered already. Chopin, Mozart? Yes, but how about Deep Purple or a wonderful Philippine Telenovela Medley?

Tickets are available now! If you wish to purchase a ticket worth 1,000 Pesos, you'll be entitled for an additional cocktail dinner at the casino at the Grand Regal Hotel. And another surprise is waiting for you!

If you interested to experience an enchanting evening, please free to contact me ( or Rotary Club of East Davao's working secretary Sheila, Ecotrans Office, No. 16 Amazon Street, Riverview Village, Bacaca Road, Davao City, cellphone 0920-9534196 or email address

See you there? For sure!

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