Letter from Ric Bowden

John, Ian

There are now 18 kids, james is including 3 new infirm children, being brought from the mountains for hospitalisation, but also for the party, these kids are very sick and i have volunteered to go with james to help collect them, that should be worth a speech in itself.
Anyway, i pledge 3 thousand and will give that. I leave it up to you re-the collection, who what, where and when, i am happy to collect and account for the cash, just an offer, and as i know whats going on, its logical for me to do it, but i don't mind if someone else does it either. Anyway if someone wants to give some funds, please collect / warn people of the cash / charity aspect, we are in my mind aiming for 18thousand now, how much we spend will depend upon a few things. Like....well see later
Me, James and the manager at the orphanage had a meeting the other saturday and finalised some details like:
1. Date of party, thursday 18th December at Meregrande, rick and james to go down and book space and also hassle for discount
2. Lisa and Rick to go "shopping" for the kids presents budget of 300 peso per kid, date to be arranged, also party plates etc to be bought
3. Food, Rick and Roel (yes John that roel) to sort kids food, Lisa to sort adults and helpers food
4. Transport, Rick and Paul (salvidge) to transport sick children, 8Am at the orphanage rest to come by chartered jeepney, orphanage to arrange, costs to be notified.
5. A very important thing is for me, for the event to be opened oput to the Friends of Mindanao group, family and friends to join the party, at any time during the day. FOM entrance / food etc to be provided by the people coming, ie please ask people to come they are very welcome to join in with this exciting party, but they can bring their own food etc, all of which is available on site if they wish to buy at meregrande


Quiz night fun

Dear John & Ian,

Thanks for the invitation for the party at Al's Diner. Daniel and I really enjoyed the hard questions of Al. Congratulations to the Group leader Mr. Ian for leading our team to victory. John, Ian told me to send these pictures to you please send them to the Friends of Mindanao. thanks and God bless
Salvador "Doy" Valbuena

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