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IAN s team!!

Als Diner
Ponchiano ( Bongoy Extension ) Street
In the city

john is 50

Sorry to say I celebrated my 50th this week and thanks to all who attended the all made me feel young

oct 15th

From Tony Wilson Sorry i didn't reply to your text message a few days ago. We have been very busy here getting things organized and adopting to the different way of life here.
I have already got a car to do my driving lessons here and am starting to advertise for work.
The weather here not too bad when we arrived, but then went a bit cool and windy the last few days.
Got some good news yesterday that the people renting our house here in Redditch are moving out ahead
of time which means we can get in hopefully in the next few days!

Xmas Appeal

Xmas Appeal
Friends of Mindanao

Connecting like minded people in Mindanao
Greeting everyone
This is an email and outline put together by Rick Bowden
Think you will be impressed with what Rick has put together to inform
you about the Xmas appeal for the orphanage

With some assistance from James i have put together a small word file with
some pictures about James Lasotas orphanage, which is attached.

Could i ask you to forward this e mail and the word file attached to all
the friends of Mindanao members to who i address this and yourself as well

I attach a small word file which gives brief description and some pictures
of the orphanage in Calinan from where the children live, who we as
friends of Mindanao are taking on the christmas party.

Thank you very much for some kind words about the event which was
discussed at the last meeting, i know we will reach the peso15,000.00
target for this event and hoefully exceed it, and contribute the balance
to the orphanage. (cash collection will take place later)

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