John Alexander Grant
41 Nappesbury Close, Luton, Bedfordshire, England LU4 9AL
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D.O.B 16 October 1958 Marital Status Single

A manager and business consultant who inspires, leads, and motivates people to achieve efficient and cost-effective sales, apply best management and operational practices, increase market share, and implement marketing programs that spur growth over and above industry standards;

With more than 20 years of productive work experience with industry-leading global companies such as Littlewoods PLC (UK), Motorcrown Petroleum, and Phase Devices Communications, among others;

Assumed high-profile management roles in UK’s retail sector and finance industry – for companies such as Bejam Group PLC, Fine Fare, and the HSBC-owned Household Bank;

Pioneered development projects in UK’s largest retail outlets, and, since 1980, has been involved with the implication of computer and software procedures and the setup of new EPOS systems for the industry;

Organized and implemented training programs – including sports and fitness – for team-building and professional development;

Later corporate-level posts, such as in Littlewoods PLC, included the responsibility of developing new computer systems for use across UK and providing the necessary training for these systems;

Most recently, managed business development projects and provided consultancy services to companies in UK and Thailand, while building own stock portfolio and developing content for travel websites in Asia;

Believes in the dynamism and synergy of teamwork – as a corporate value – in the goal of performing beyond expectations, as well as serving society;

Summary of Qualifications

  • Has more than 20 years’ worth of sales, marketing management, and organizational leadership experience, with a track record that consistently exemplifies excellence in achieving business goals and integrating the use of new IT formats to the field;
  • Has excellent leadership skills in managing the teams and members of business organizations, with a strong emphasis on teamwork as a vital tool in implementing new strategies, achieving business objectives, and organizing workflow implementation;
  • Has focus on people management, successfully instilling across all levels of an organization the values of hard work, superior quality, customized service, innovation, integrity, problem solving, and financial knowledge;
  • Has excellent verbal and written communication skills in the English language, and is knowledgeable in computer applications, including Adobe Systems software;

Professional Experience

Household Bank

Various locations, United Kingdom
Regional Sales Manager
July 2004 – April 2006
  • Implemented sales and marketing strategies and achieved the organization’s business objectives
  • Worked with tight deadlines and reporting systems
  • Monitored and managed all functional areas of computer sales promotions, trade marketing, key accounts management, merchandising excellence, and coordination with key managers in achievement of corporate goals
  • Implemented regular training and competency development programs
  • Constantly updated internal and external computer software courses
  • Consistently achieved sales and market share goals and achieved +30% average sales growth every year
  • Exemplified consistent performance in achieving corporate goals

Littlewoods PLC

Liverpool, United Kingdom
Regional Divisional Operations Manager for Southern England
July 2000 – April 2006
  • Implemented sales and marketing strategies and achieved the organization’s business objectives
  • Implemented computer-based sales reporting and work flows using palm-held units
  • Worked closely with the IT department to produce viable software for use in the field work of up to three hundred (300) mobile staff
  • Recommended system and cost implications directly to the Board of Directors
  • Implemented regular training and competency development programs
  • Constantly updated internal and external computer software courses
  • Recognized during this period with numerous awards from the company and the industry

Phase Devices

Luton, United Kingdom
Divisional Manager (Satellite Inspection and Quality Control Department)
July 1993 – July 2000
  • Oversaw quality control of high-valued military and commercial satellites and other communication hardware
  • Developed new radio phone lines for the European market
  • Partnered with functional teams in implementing distribution, merchandising, trade marketing and promotional activities objectives
  • Provided internal and external courses on work-related technical issues

MotorCrown Petroleum

London, United Kingdom
Regional Manager (Sales and Development)
August 1988 – July 1998
  • Worked closely with Branch Managers in achieving sales, product, promotions, distribution, trade marketing, and merchandising goals, as well as in fulfilling inventory management and service-level requirements
  • Outstanding achievements:
    • Received the Grand Slam Area of the Manager Award for outstanding sales performance (1995-1997)
    • Recognized with various other product and category awards

Other work-related professional experience

  • Worked for various retail outlets as the manager of stores throughout the UK, concentrating on the implementation of new EPOS systems for store transactions and reordering (1984)


  • University of the Southern England, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

  • School of Management
  • Inc. Accountancy, Communications, Marketing
  • Best Student of the Year Award
  • Havering Technical College, United Kingdom
  • National Examination of Business and Supervisory Studies (NEBSS) Award
  • Shephalbury Grammer School, Stevenage, United Kingdom
  • Qualifications achieved 10 GSCE 5 CSE 1 With Distinction

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